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Growing a happier Self Image is a mixture of embracing 3 factors of You, here at The Image Tree.

MIND | BODY & WARDROBE and there are plenty of individual services and packages to enjoy, that cover  all of them in different depth.   


Reconnecting with yourself or even starting a Happier Self Image Journey can feel daunting which is why I provide services that you can enjoy to suit your personal needs.   Understanding  your  Colour Palette  and learning how to use it effectively starts the ball rolling, or maybe finding out how to  dress your shape and it's glorious proportions, just as it is,  is the ticket.  Both of these services will obviously help your WARDROBE  prosper but I can always help there too, if it just isn't working for you or you want to find or refresh your STYLE with a REVIEW.  No matter the individual service, the approach is the same, Holistic and Fun throughout. 

However, if you're after more depth and want to undergo a more thorough experience and understanding of your natural aesthetic with bespoke  self-image coaching to hand, then my  STYLE JOURNEY  Image Packages offer a more insightful series of bespoke  consultations that follow a fluid course from session to session  towards a  more complete and desired Image goal.  Check them out here


 There is also a virtual option in the form of  MIND BODY WARDROBE ONLINE  sessions from the comfort of your own home and in  more bite size sessions.




On a Video Call

If you're home based, have a busy schedule  or just want access to tailored image coaching support during lockdown you can get the help you need today. Maybe you have specific self image challenges that you feel are holding you back,  or need a place to start your body positivity journey.  If you have any style or clothing struggles that hinder your happiness then you're in the right place.  I offer individual sessions or a flexible block if it's a bigger query..   

Gift Vouchers


Buy someone you care about a thoughtful and unique gift for birthdays or Christmas?  It could be an amount to put to something they choose at a later date or maybe purchase a service or package outright, it's up to you.  You can contact me personally to discuss your requirements and then on confirmation and receipt of payment, I can send to you, or directly to the recipient, one of my beautiful  handcrafted vouchers made by the talented Amy Chadwick, through the post.  Ask me now for details!

Happy Woman

Have you got yourself into a bit of a 'Style Rut' and found yourself wearing the same old things?  Need a little updating with current trends or a sharper image at work?  Maybe you aspire to dress a certain way but just don't know where to start, or you simply don't feel you dress authentically to suit your current tastes?  Well now's your chance to  boost your confidence, let your personality shine  and make great genuine First Impressions . 

Happy Woman


Anyone can wear most colours, it's the quality  of the colours that is beneficial to know! The right ones for you can brighten skin, hair and eyes in an instant and harmonise your  natural features so that you look and feel fresh and healthy.  You can wear more than just black and you'll also learn how to use your new colours in your outfits.  Save time, effort and money in the future when shopping for clothes.



A  great session if you're a mindful soul who wishes to learn more about the power of colour in an uplifting and holistic manner bespoke to you.  You will find out which   WOW colours you need in your life, receive a colour oracle card reading and  identify your  key colourful crystal allies  needed to support your current Mind. Body & Spirit journey,    The perfect addition to a Colour Confidence session or booked in its own right. 


Learn how to dress for you and working with your body shape, assets and features. What lengths, style and fit should you choose? Head to toe analysis with a few little tricks to help you achieve your authentic style.  Shopping for clothes will be so much simpler and cost effective, giving you more wear-ability and a wardrobe full of garments that you look great in and feel awesome wearing, all of the time, forever.

Wardrobe Weed, Wardrobe Confidence,The Image Tree,Services

Do you have a wardrobe crammed with clothes but still feel you have nothing to wear?  Would you say you only wear 40% or less of the clothes in it?   If so, it's time for a wardrobe weed!  I can help you sort out your clothes, put outfits together and even identify your gaps, thus giving  you an action plan for a clearer styling direction.  It's time to reconnect with your clothes and wardrobe again.

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