The main ROOTS  to finding your authentic Personal Image and growing your confidence can start simply by understanding  your  Colour Palette  and how to use it effectively, along with dressing your Body and it's glorious assets just as you are.  Alternatively, there are plenty of other services that will help build your confidence in all aspects of style and personality to fit your lifestyle and current needs. 


If there's nothing you see that's relevant to your purpose, just ask as I'm happy to meet up for a friendly chat or talk virtually, with no obligation to book!   I also have fab  STYLE JOURNEY Packages too that include a more in-depth and bespoke series of these consultations along with tailored image coaching practices.  There is also a virtual option in the form of a SECRET STYLIST if you fancy learning from the comfort of your own home in  more bite size sessions.




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Anyone can wear most colours, it's the quality  of the colours that you need to know! The right ones for you can brighten skin, hair and eyes in an instant and harmonise your features. No more looking tired, ill or even aged. You can wear more than just black and you'll also learn how to use your new colours in your outfits.  Save time, effort and money in the future when shopping for clothes.


Learn how to dress for you, your body shape and features. Emphasise your assets and hide your problem areas. What lengths, style and fit should you choose? Head to toe analysis with a few little tricks to help you achieve your best look.  Shopping for clothes will be so much simpler and cost effective, giving you more wear-ability and a wardrobe full of garments that you look great in, all of the time, forever.

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Do you have a wardrobe crammed with clothes but still feel you have nothing to wear?  Would you say you only wear 40% or less of the clothes in it?   If so, it's time for a wardrobe weed!  I can help you sort out your clothes, put outfits together and even identify your gaps, thus giving  you an action plan for a clearer styling direction.

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Have you ever wanted to see yourself LOOK stunning and truly FEEL beautiful for a change? Own photographs you can look at whenever you need a confidence kick or gentle reminder, forever!  With full pre-shoot Outfit and Style Guidance, Hair & Make-Up on the day and with an Experienced Photographer we can do just that.  An 'All Girl' Professional Team at your disposal to create beautiful Female Portraiture aimed at boosting your Body Image & Self Confidence, whether it be in a Ball Gown or a Bra.


Have you got yourself into a bit of a 'Style Rut' and found yourself wearing the same old things?  Need a little updating with current trends or a sharper image at work?  Maybe you aspire to dress a certain way but just don't know where to start, or you simply don't have a style to call your own ?  Well now's your chance to  boost your confidence, let your personality shine  and make great First Impressions . 



Buy someone you care about a thoughtful and unique gift for birthdays or Christmas?  It could be an amount to put to something they choose at a later date or maybe purchase a service or package outright, it's up to you.  You can contact me personally to discuss your requirements and then on confirmation and receipt of payment, I can send to you, or directly to the recipient, one of my beautiful  handcrafted vouchers made by the talented Amy Chadwick, through the post.  Ask me now for details!


An Authentic Image,  in all arenas of business for women, is an important and powerful tool to have, not only does it create positive First Impressions but also builds Self Confidence too.  Whether you're in a large corporate or an entrepreneur yourself, there are skills to learn to ensure you translate your business/role, professionalism and personality across to others  and enhance visibly through your clothes, body language and healthy mind set.  An Holistic approach which feeds effectively into the Cycle of Success.  Bespoke 1:1's and group workshops available now!  Just Ask!


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