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I designed these Image Packages or STYLE JOURNEYS in order to allow you to fully experience the 'makeover process'  in an organic way so that you can see and  feel the results, whilst using the new skills you'll learn,  as we flow through the sessions together.    Your  true identity and style unfolds much more clearly and you learn to utilise  your accessories and clothes more  practically as we look at  wearing colour, dressing your body shape,  working your wardrobe, shopping  guidance and more.   


Building your self esteem, growing your confidence and being much more body positive is what it's all about too and I will help you practice that by including useful coaching and practical NLP techniques along the way!   Enjoy clothes again and appreciate how amazing you are.



 Whichever JOURNEY you decide to choose, it can be at your own speed, over flexible sessions (weekly/monthly)  and all tailored to you. It's like enrolling on a new course but on your terms!  You can even  add a  Make-Up session too with the fabulous Sophie Downing.  See my EXCLUSIVES page.


I can even discuss payment plans so you can spread out the cost or PAY AS YOU GO  ...its all about flexibility!    


PLUS, You can now create your own  Style Journey experience VIRTUALLY by enjoying  4 X ONE HOUR sessions  from the comfort of your own home using the ONLINE SERVICE.  Perfect if you want Image Advice to  suit your current requirements.                                                                                                                     



Senior Woman Dancing


( 3 steps )


Great for kick starting your confidence and finally  learning  what works perfectly for you, just as you are., so that you can head off into the future armed with the knowledge of what you can wear and the confidence to Rock What You've Got.  No more guessing or googling.

Includes the following  individual in person sessions with the added Image Coaching and support throughout the journey and virtual support for 3 weeks after completion:


  • Colour Confidence   

           Find your flattering colour  palette and learn how to use it.

  • Body Confidence       

           Embrace  your body and proportions and learn how to dress them with style love.

  • Style Review                 

           Understand your Style Personality and apply your colour and shape to suit.

  •  PLUS Swatch, Private Style & Inspiration Board , Personal In-box Styling Videos, Personal File & Body Positivity Tips.

* Price subject to mileage.



( 5 steps )

Learn your colour and body shape essentials (as above) but take it a step beyond.  After finding out all this new knowledge, we'll use it to then apply, sort and refresh your current wardrobe to suit your new look, put outfits together and make a shopping list of the gaps or needs, ready for YOU to hit the shops.  You're all organised and now have a plan too with the added Image Coaching support throughout and virtual assistance for 5 weeks after completion, should you need me .  


Includes the following in person sessions;


  • Colour Confidence

  • Body Confidence

  • Style Review

  • Wardrobe Confidence - * Choose  QUICK FIX or FULL BLITZ

  • Virtual or Home visit follow up fitting/outfit advice for any shopping list purchases.

  • PLUS Swatch, Private Style & Inspiration Board, Personal In-box Styling & Shopping Videos, Personal File, Shopping List, Outfit Log and Body Positive Coaching throughout.

* Price subject to wardrobe option & mileage.



* Price subject to wardrobe options + mileage.

( 9 steps )

This is the game changer and is designed to give you the full Image Consulting VIP experience from head to toe, inside and out. Not only will you  know what to wear and how to wear it and with what,  but you will get advice, lessons and if needs be,  a new 'hair-do' and make up look from a recommended professional where required.  Not only that, but your wardrobe will of course  be sorted. You'll have a shopping list to boot, which we'll  then  take together on a personal/online shop to tie it all up!  By the end of it you'll be a sparkling  refreshed you and have all the skills and knowledge to move forward with confidence. All with the continued Image Coaching support of yours truly throughout and virtual support for 3 weeks after completion .


 Includes the following in person sessions;


  • Colour Confidence

  • Body Confidence

  • Style Review

  • Wardrobe Confidence - * Choose from QUICK FIX or FULL BLITZ

  • Shopping Confidence -   2  hour  personally assisted session (Online/Physical)

  • Virtual and/or Home Visit (max.2)  follow up fitting/outfit sessions for any purchases

  • Personal Body Positivity Plan and Resources

  •  Image and Confidence results session tailored to complete any specific Home, Social or Work life   needs.

  •  PLUS Swatch, Private Style & Inspiration Board , Tailored In-box Style & Shopping videos,  Personal File, Shopping List, Outfit Log, On-hand virtual assistance,  Body Positivity and Confidence Coaching notes and exercises .   *  Special Offer on Professional Make- Up lesson and/or Accompanied Hair Appointment, if required (optional extra)

  • *  Fuel expenses will be added to any of the service prices should my radius of 30 miles be exceeded and my charge is 0.45p per mile.  This is just to cover my fuel allowances .  Any travel expenses such as accommodation or parking permits must also be included.  All would be discussed prior to booking so theres no surprises!

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