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The aim is to LOOK good, FEEL good and SAVE time and money!  See your CONFIDENCE GROW!  Not only this,  your future clothes shopping experiences will be much easier.  You'll be able to concentrate on your colours using  your Personal Colour Swatch and use your new body shape knowledge to pick up styles without trying on everything!  ITS AN INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE NOW THAT WILL REWARD YOU FOR YEARS TO COME!


If you're interested in one or more of these services, why not take a look at my packages or STYLE JOURNEYS?  They are flexible way of spreading out the sessions, thus getting a better deal and a greater 'Style Experience' with the addition of Personal Image Coaching and Body Positivity support throughout the journey.


Colour Confidence

Price: £160

We are all born with a unique palette, our skin tone, eye and hair colour.  Therefore,  I use precision dyed drapes and follow the `directional method of colour analysis' to find your best colours and tones to enhance those features.   I will then show you how to use them and also how to save any `unflattering colours' that you may already wear:

  • Duration 2 hours (approx)- Your house or mine *

  • Includes a Personal Colour Swatch Wallet (36 colours )

  • A Personal file containing your Colour Analysis Information

  • Your own Pinterest Client Board to give you further guidance.

  • A friendly follow up afterwards . 

Body Confidence

Price: £180

I carry out a bodyline and face analysis to determine your scale, shape and proportions. Your dress size is not important and I only take measurements of the wrist and ankle, along with a few up and down the body, its strictly clothes on too. From head to toe I will  show you what clothes/accessories to look for and how to wear them, so you will feel much more confident:

  • Duration 2.5 hours (approx) - Your house or mine *

  • Includes a Personal File containing your  Face & Body Line Analysis with your best garment styles guide.

  • Your own Pinterest Client Board to give you further guidance.

  • A friendly follow up afterwards.

Style Review

Price: £130

Its a known fact that we don't always know what we like or even if we have a style at all and this can result in a cycle of buying the same old things without our personality shining through.  I can help you find your style and make it work for your lifestyle  whether its personal or work related.  Not only this but  I can show you how to adapt current trends to suit too.    First impressions count so get it right the first time.  

  • Duration - 1 .5 hours  (approx)  Your house or mine *

  • Includes a  Personal File containing your Wardrobe Personality and your 'new style' guide.

  • I will also provide a personalised Pinterest Board just for you on request.

  • A friendly follow up by phone or email.

Wardrobe Confidence

Price: £150 or £250

If you're over run with clothes but still feel you have nothing to wear then I can help.  I will  organise your current wardrobe, give  you honest direction in what to keep and then help you utilise your garments further into outfits .  I can then construct a shopping list of key items and help you decipher your style direction to fit your lifestyle.   I currently offer the following  services to suit your wardrobe size and/or requirements. *

  • Quick Fix - £130  (2 hours)  or Full Blitz - £230  (4 hours) 

  • Includes a Personal File containing your Wardrobe Personality , any outfit logs and proposed shopping notes.

  • I will also include a personalised Pinterest Board  just for you, on request.

  • A friendly follow up by phone or email.

Capture Confidence

Price: £500

Natalie Fox

Make-Up & Hair Artist

Meet Our Team

Sara Marsden-Shreeve (Me)

Image Coach & Stylist

Bevereley Perkins



This Exclusive Collaboration package is designed to enhance your natural beauty,  with an aim to nurture your inner confidence and provide you with stunning photographs you can treasure.  From start to finish our Professional Team will take you by the hand to style, pamper and photograph you, so that you will feel relaxed and hassle free.  Being heart centred folk, we understand that women have varying levels of comfort regarding their body, so you can be rest assured that we will respect all wishes from Daring to Demure. So why not come and join us and  give yourself some love, become Empowered!   Please...Love the Skin You're in!        Why not check out  My Personal Experience?

  • Free Initial Consultation with Our  Team at Beverley Perkins Photography Studio, Nottingham.

  • On Confirmation, a deposit of £100 is required to secure the Studio Session.

  • Pre-Shoot 1 to 2 Hour Appointment with me, for Outfit & Styling Preparation at your house. Date/Time to Suit. Personal shops are available on request if required, for an individual fee. 

  • We will also include a personalised Pinterest Board  just for you, to share and view ideas, preferred looks and styles.

  • Professional Hair & Make-Up on the day of the Shoot, at the cosy home studio.

  • Friendly posing help, further primping, refreshments and chatter throughout the 2 1/2 Hour session (approx).

  • Private Viewing Gallery of at least 30 of your  finished images, from which you can choose freely..  The remaining amount is then required in FULL.

  • Price  Includes: A Bespoke "Peek-A-Boo" Folio Box containing 5 framed prints (5"x5") and a Beautiful Keepsake USB containing your  licensed hi-res digital images.

  • Further photographs are individually priced and can be purchased separately, in any format.

Bespoke "Peek-a-Boo" Folio Box with USB and  Prints

  • * Fuel expenses will be added to any of the service prices should my radius of 30 miles be exceeded and my charge is 0.45p per mile.  This is just to cover my fuel allowances .  Any travel expenses such as accommodation or parking permits must also be included.  All would be discussed prior to booking so theres no surprises!


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