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Hi, I'm Sara and I am going to show you how to be you but with oomph!


Personally, it took me a while for the penny to drop.  I'd always had an interest in fashion and style, from my youth, following the trends some good, some bad with the photos to prove it- OUCH! 

Also, just like you, I had 'hang-ups' about my body, wobbly arms, squishy belly and more.. very little body confidence and negative experiences through school and beyond to be honest.


However, I have learned to appreciate what I have got and to  build on that!  It's proved life changing  for me!  Here's my STORY,  if you fancy a quick read and want to know how I did it.











We live in a world that constantly knocks what little self esteem we do have, whether it be at home, work or via magazines, celebrities and /or social media,

So, armed with my  training, family values, work experiences and my personal journey I'm here to show you how to shine brighter and....



Sticks and Stones built my business,About Me,The Image Tree

I've always enjoyed  learning and my interest in psychology particularly, took hold of me at college, which I then furthered at University.


  • Graduated with a BA Hons in Applied Social Science (Psychology & Sociology) 


From here, my working life settled within the Civil Engineering sector, specifically amongst Corporate Insurance which I loved and allowed me to deal with all tiers of the work force and external legal professionals. 

After leaving work and having my family I had my 'epiphany' and decided to marry all of my skills and knowledge together and train to be an Image Consultant.  After thorough research to find my 'skills provider' I now know I chose wisely.


  • Trained with First Impressions Ltd in 20I3 .

  • Qualified in March 2014 with both an Accredited City & Guilds in Colour Analysis and Women's Style. 

  • Was accepted as an affiliate member in FIPI (Federation of Image Professionals International)

  • Certified in 2016 to AIP (Assoc. Integral Psychology) standards in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a coach/practitioner.


I'm a firm believer that learning is forever and so I continue to add new skills, meet new people and gain more knowledge so that I can improve my services.  I even designed and created this website,  I’d never have thought that I could have done that a few years ago, but then you don't know unless you try!


IMG_44.b 1.jpg

It's crucial for potential clients to trust me and be certain that I am professional and competent in all aspects of my services, so I am always happy to show you any credentials. 


  • My  professional training is FIPI approved (Federation of Image Professionals International) .

  • I am a registered member of First Impressions Training Ltd and belong to their national consultant network.

  • I'm often invited  to be their guest speaker on BBC Radio Stoke & Radio Derby, for all things image related.

  • I'm a co-founder of a local networking group Wellbeing Inspiration Network

  • I am part of the Style Guru team at Henpicked whom I regularly write style articles for.

  • I am an Award Winning Business selected by Jacqueline Gold CBE, Theo Paphitis,, Twitter Sister and #Queen of Awards over on social media for my services to Women.


Here too, are  just a few of the local businesses  I have had the pleasure of working with/supporting so far. 

From Pregnancy to Menopause and promoting Healthy, Confident and Holistic Lifestyles.




The Image Tree - FIPI Member
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