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How To Best Dress Your Chest

How to best dress your breasts | The Image Tree

Wow try saying that fast!

We can have a bit of a love hate relationship with our chest at times no matter how big or small.. whether it's trying to shoe horn ones bangers into a favourite top or trying to squeeze a chicken fillets into your bra , we can sometimes over do things a tad and lose our real "style" way.

Not to mention the more sensitive arena of many women having had to readdress their fit through health changes and medical procedures.

So what I want to share with you is a few tricks and pointers in order to visually streamline, flatter and/or even provide some oomph where needed in a sensible way as this will not only help you feel more self-confident but also help to harmonise and balance out your figure. Feel a little more "chest" love as it were.

Before I start though I want to emphasise an important point!

Whether your 'Buxom' or 'Barely There', wearing the right size and style bra is paramount. The wrong one can create extra bulges and an unflattering silhouette, not to mention poor support, so please make sure that you have been for a professional bra fitting (in the last year ) to determine size and style. This will make your clothes fit and look even better trust me!

If you require a specialist fit or style then please do revisit your professional advisor as and when you feel your support or comfort needs have changed.

So good underwear in place I’m here to guide you through what ‘TO LOOK FOR’ in garments and ‘WHAT TO AVOID', then you’ll start to seethe right choices and look and feel the million dollars you deserve to.



Single breasted velvet jacket
  • Open collars, sweetheart, deep V or scooped necklines provided you don’t go too wide or too plunging.

  • Also try necklines that are softer like a wrap top and fabrics that drape and shape.

  • Shoulder straps need to be in keeping with your body-scale, but a wider strap visually looks better.

  • Single breasted jackets are also great especially in darker colours.

  • Drop-waisted garments, low slung belts and long sleeves draw the eye down and lengthen the midriff, so you’re not all boobs.

  • A semi fitted top shows off a smaller waist if shape is required.

  • Vertical or diagonal seaming diminishes a large bust, as does a button band or vertical pleats on a blouse or shirt.

  • Draw attention to the face with statement jewellery or adorned necklines.

  • If you like a pattern, then keep it as small as your body-scale allows and stick to geometric or abstract rather than swirly rounded prints.

Floral wrap top

Here's a great little wrap top from


  • Try to avoid lapel on jackets if you can, as they add width and don’t sit well on a large chest. Instead try edge to edge styles that have a bit of length, nothing short or boxy.

  • Ensure sleeves do not end adjacent to the bust line and try to steer clear of puffed sleeves.

  • Try to select shirts, tops or jackets without breast pockets and avoid halter necks and high necked ribbed tops.

  • Be also mindful of bright colours as they are bosom magnifiers, unless of course you want to draw the eye. Darker matte colours will always optically streamline.

  • Keep the lines clean and simple and avoid high necks and ruffles.

  • Avoid cable and chunky knit round neck sweaters, they just add bulk.

  • Short strapped shoulder bags that snuggle under your arm next to your bust.

  • Wide belts shorten the waist and make bust appear larger as do high waisted garments.

  • Bulky, shiny or billowy garments will add further weight to your assets and ruin your shape.



  • High necklines are great particularly halter necks which are great to give lift and fullness and show off good shoulders. A subtle draped cowl neck can add a bit of volume too.

  • Bras with inserts are great or if you can, opt for a bra with a fuller shape and added lift such as a `wonder bra’, but don't go mad...boobs aren't supposed to be under your chin.

  • Horizontal details at the bust and tops with ruching, twists, ruffles or pleats give you emphasis, especially when the waistline is fitted – makes bust appear larger.

  • Looser fitting styles or stylish layering look great and try a pattern or lighter, brighter colour on your top half.

  • You can do a chunkier knit if also slim.

  • Go to town on patterns and prints but keep your scale in mind. Petites can keep it ditsy and small whereas larger curvaceous ladies can go for larger prints.

  • Pockets and detailing add interest and a double breasted jacket will suit your form.

  • Delicate jewellery always flatters a smaller chest.

  • More often than not if you have petite boobs you have a great back…show it off

Sosandar Red Floral SplashPrint Top

Extra ruffles to the chest area will give a smaller chest more oomph– Top from


  • It’s usually best to avoid anything with a structured bust line (corset) if you can’t fill it.

  • Avoid deep necklines if you’re conscious of your decollatage/collar bones but you can dress it beautifully with subtle layered jewellery. Plunging necklines and long sleeves together exaggerate a small bust.

  • No clingy fine tops please unless you want to draw attention to that area and are armed with good boosting underwear.

  • Avoid wrap style dresses and tops.


It maybe more a case of balance (using bra inserts) for some or even wearing more tissue sensitive garments, as I know from second hand experience (my Mum) that underwires were a total "no go". So in these instances it's a good idea to go to a specialised underwear retailer or try an online company such as or and/or discuss your requirements with your breast nurse.

There are still gorgeous garments to be had and once you've got your base sorted you can use any of the above pointers mentioned above to adapt to your needs.

Getting to grips with your new form may seem tricky to start with but please remember that you bear the battle scars of VICTORY! Go live life to the full peeps! Time will most definitely heal the wounds.

Well, I've covered the basics and these little tweaks really will make a difference! Clothes should be treated as our best friends and secret weapons, choosing the right colours, shapes and styles make all the difference, no matter the size.

Love your chest!

Women Breast Care

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Sara x


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