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Why would YOU need an Image Coach?

Why Would You Need an Image coach? | The Image Tree Blog
Not Currently Feeling Like This?

Hello....Welcome to The Image Tree Blog, especially if you haven't stumbled across it before.

I thought, since this is my last post for 2019, that I would end my blogging journey this year by answering a question that I'm asked all the time. "What is an Image Coach anyway" and "Why the heck would you need one"?

Well, if you're blessed with natural style, a ninja on the high street/online, has a wardrobe that works beautifully and you are quite happy with the way you were put together, oozing confidence everywhere you go, then you can stop reading now and move on sister. You are blessed, cooked, the golden of the lucky few and I salute you.

If however, some of those sentences made you balk a bit, felt sick or you found yourself saying 'no' 'no', "that's not me" or 'I wish' for the most part, then welcome to the majority. I'm here to give you a style hug and cup of positivi-tea (see what I did there) and a bit more insight into the world of being and wearing your happy....

To be blunt, caring about yourself and your image is not vain, nor is it egotistical, selfish or narcissistic. Image consultancy isn't a shallow, materialistic service that turns people into perfect tan-tastic 'doll-like' ideals dressed in the latest couture and all looking the same darrrrling (if that's what you're after I can point you elsewhere ).

Don't get me wrong I like make-up, beauty products and a good haircut for sure, but I'm no seeker of the 'vajazzle' or a 'but lift' albeit I acknowledge and empathise why women may want to seek out extra aesthetical procedures in the interest of health, or improving their self-esteem but it's just not my circus nor my monkeys.

For me, it runs much deeper than external appearances alone, hello psychology degree and body positive advocate. It's more about defining yourself from the inside, recognising your style/wardrobe personality, learning to acknowledge your strengths, body and looks positively and then identifying your lifestyle needs, so that you can transmit those beautiful and authentic vibes of loveliness to the outside world too. You get to show people the real you.

Being authentic in your image | The Image Tree
Be You

A qualified Image Consultant, teaches a client how to get their optimal 'Personal Image' by showing them their most flattering colours, enhancing their body shape with the right clothes and presenting themselves in their best way, whatever the circumstance may be. This promotes confidence, boosts self esteem and allows a client to get on with achieving their goals and enjoying their personal, corporate and social lives more, without worrying about looking and feeling out of place or deciding 'what to wear'.

As an Image Coach, I obviously use ALL of these skill sets but in addition, weave the teachings of a Positive Mindset and Body Acceptance into the fabric of my sessions. I can call upon my NLP techniques (neuro linguistic programming), Positive Psychology and my appreciation of all things holistic or alternative, should you require it to satisfy your inner peace or answer questions.

You know, such things like ~Why the heck do I continue to beat myself with an ugly stick~? "Compare myself with Porscha from the office, who struts confidence, has tight buns and wears a killer outfit every frickin day"? "Why cant I look at myself in the mirror anymore without noticing that orange peel texture on my thighs"? "Why do I feel like this about myself, I'm sick of it"? or more often than not "Am I alone in feeling this way"? NO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!

To be honest with you, I too have come from a place of poor body image and self confidence myself, from teens to 'early mummidom', so I can totally relate and have managed to successfully reteach my fabulous brain to actually look for the good stuff and ignore that bitchy voice in my head that loved to suck out my happy when I looked in a mirror or had a photo taken.

Do You Have Low Self Esteem ? | The Image Tree
Hiding away

You see, I hear her, but she's just easier to put to bed these days and I really haven't looked back since, so if I can do it, so can you and yes I still have the wobbles and lines and haven't become a toned, tanned and nutritional guru at the age of 43... I'm a bit too lazy for all that, though I do totally understand that general movement, sunlight and non- beige food is important to actual living.

To help me in these matters, I developed strong connections and collaborations in and around The Image Tree with many incredible women, therapists and coaches alike, who share the same focus of guiding women to a healthier and/or happier life as well as self image and so, having experienced the power of meditation ,mindfulness and more,,, I can help point you in the right direction too should you need it.... It's not all just about 'ohms' and enlightenment you know.

Right,I blathered on enough, so in a nutshell, I believe and work by the notion that colour, style and clothes are not enough on their own to develop a better self image, you need in fact to look holisitically at a woman and take into consideration everything about her in order to create authenticity and happiness. Starting with just accepting yourself the way you are, it can only get better from there, Hell, I've even taken my own clothes off and had photo shoots done to practice what I preach and I loved it and I offer the same experiences to clients, should they want to give it a go.

So then what..??? Why would you need all this new found confidence and self image with an Image Coach?

Well, SUCCESS for one thing

In today's very visual world, a staggering 15 seconds is all it takes to form a first impression, so our non-verbal communication should never be under estimated, it is more powerful than words. So you may as well try and hit the road running since we have to wear clothes and good body language is mahoosive.

The power of red in outfits | The Image Tree
Confidence is a powerful thing

See how confident this lady is in her stance and she has great shoes and bag to boot. Red is one of those assertive colours believe me... hahahaha.

Rightly or wrongly, we do make quick judgements and whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a corporate worker, a mum, a divorcee, in a relationship or not, we can all do with a self esteem nudge to get that client, impress in that interview, feel like a sexy woman again or merely just reconnect with who you are. Dressing the part is one thing but you have to do it from a place of 'feels right' first. Get that bit right and the world is your oyster.....

It's merely encompassing and treasuring 'you' as a whole rather than creating a 'clothes horse'. That way everything you buy and wear in the future looks, works, fits and feels good! So what else...

It brings CLARITY

It answers those questions, why do I always buy the wrong bloody things? The clothes never look right on me but look fab on the mannequin. What gives? Why can't I get rid of those patent platforms or wear that dress that hangs in the corner of your wardrobe and only comes out now and again to be looked at and then goes back on the rail. You might not even know what suits you or what you like, let alone identify you have an actual style and believe me, you do it's just dormant.

Dress for your body and proportions | The Image Tree
Dress for your body and proportions

It's an INVESTMENT in you

When was the last time you actually spent any time, money or resources on yourself for self development, self care or straight up happiness? As mums, wives, nans, sisters, aunties.professionals and domestic goddesses we spend most of our time giving elsewhere and forget to actually throw some of that good stuff at ourselves. Then, when we do, you know treat ourselves to those shoes or that coat, we think err, why did I buy it? I've no where to go and no where to wear it doh! Savvy shopping my friend can be a thing and that wardrobe will look organised and everything will shout "wear me girlfriend, ooh you lookin fine".

Anyhoo, I hope I've offered up a bit more to understanding the basics of what 'I actually do' (my husband thinks I hang out at coffee shops and talk about shoes and feelings) but believe me there's usually a lot, lot more involved dependent on needs. So, if you want to get your 'thang' back or find it in the first place, give us a bell my lovely and we'll do it together.

If you would like to join a thriving private Facebook Community full of like minded souls and body positivity with style love to boot. Then click the image below.

Alternatively, if you want more personal 1:1 advice and support, check out my Services and Style Journey Packages.

Thanks for reading


The Image Tree xx


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