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What's Your Style Personality?

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You Are What You Wear

My 4 Steps To Identifying Your Style/Wardrobe Personality

Crafting your style is a lifelong process that changes and goes through various stages as you meander through the roller-coaster that personal growth brings.

The teenager fitting in or rebelling with the trends, the young adult entering work, the twenty or thirty something diving into motherhood, careers, health changes, weight on, weight off and so on, can all affect our wardrobes and our identities.

We can become chameleons with our hair colour and clothes in the quest to try and inject some change or feel a new lease of life or on the flip side or we can become a little stagnant and find ourselves lost in translation and have the same hair or wear the same things over and over again. “If it works, don’t fix it”, I hear you say, to which I agree with to a point, but sometimes it feels good to just try something a little outside of your comfort zone. You never know, it might set you off with a new lease of life.

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Wear Your Happy

Many of the feelings above are commonplace for us girls, but it’s never too late to dial back into what really floats your boat today!

I cannot stress enough how important it is when you’re looking at your overall image and wardrobe choices, to be YOU in what you wear. Your outside should be a clear indicator or reflection of the inside, so that you can communicate your personality easily to others before you even say a word.

Clothes are important in a world which doesn’t promote public nudity in the day to day and obviously they provide us with protection from the elements,. So whilst we have to wear them, shouldn’t we use them to help us in other ways if we want? Like showing our character?

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What You Wear Speaks Volumes

You can look arty, quirky, professional, stylish, confident, sexy, comfortable, happy in your own skin and so much more, however, they can also create negative connotations too in this world of first impressions.

So let's use them as a positive aide to your personality and apply them to social and work arenas as well as life events that are important to you.

Let’s look at how we can take steps to identify our own style and personality.

Step 1 – What do you like?

Have you ever asked yourself what your style is? At this primary stage of styling and being ‘YOU’, it has nothing to do with size, shape, looks or colouring but all to do with what you are attracted to and feel great wearing.

We can indeed develop new tastes and be shown new things that work, but for now…think about what you like and write them down.

Maybe you’re a bohemian beaut at heart and love an ethnic print, interesting embellishment and can’t resist a bead or scarf? Where you shop and your life experiences may give you clues to your style tastes too and though you may not be a fully fledged tie dye lover or festival goer, does not mean you cant love the essence and accents of a certain look you like.

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What Do You Love To Wear and Feel Comfort In?

Perhaps, you adore the neat and simply styled look of the ‘French’ in which a Breton stripe and a trench coat is queen? Maybe a leather biker jacket worn with a dress gives you confidence?

Obviously, these are just a few examples, and you can also look to the masses of celebrities or the high street for clues of your preferred looks?

Which celebs give you “outfit envy” or have you any style icons that inspire you? Who is your go to brand and why?

All these factors will usually have an underlying indicator that presses your clothing love buttons and matches your style/wardrobe personality in some way. These all give you basics insight into you.

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The Clues Are In Your Wardrobe

We often take our clothes and beloved trinkets that we have sitting in our wardrobes and drawers for granted and don’t gift them the love and mindful attention they deserve. They certainly have super-powers that can help uplift our mood and bring back wafts of happy memories too as explained in my clothing therapy blog post.

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Have a look in your wardrobe

This little info-graph can help you tease out those pieces and hopefully give you an ‘aha’ moment regarding what works and why you like them?

Step 2 – Does your wardrobe reflect your style loves?

More often than not, clients who are stuck in a rut find that their wardrobes do not reflect their growing tastes. They want more colour, more pattern and more shape but are too scared to try because they’re unsure where to start, how to wear stuff and more importantly, don’t want to look daft in the process.

On the flip-side, some women may be really experimental and have a wardrobe full of gorgeous garments but for the most part, items remain unworn because they have no closet chums to pair with or because they're loved but feel they can’t wear them…

Maybe you are still searching for that elusive wardrobe identity that fills you with happy?

If you look in your wardrobe and think, that isn’t me then there’s a mismatch somewhere that needs addressing. Your work attire doesn’t have to be neutral, boring, and formal either because there are always ways to add your personality and still look professional, trust me!

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Professional and Colourful

Being a busy mum doesn’t mean you have to just wear jeans and t-shirts, you can add some practical sass back by just switching up or adding a few things to your outfit when you do get a night off or want lunch with friends.

So, let’s have a looksy at the 5 wardrobe or style personalities (same thing) that I use with clients and see if you can relate to any of them, just as a starting point, and maybe think about applying some of my suggested fixes/tweaks.

At this juncture, it’s important to note that you may well feel you have one dominant personality that you are drawn to visually or find yourself nodding to as you read the descriptions, but please note that these are just general factors and findings and are not meant to offend, pigeon-hole or indeed stereotype.

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No Style is Superior

None of these style personalities are deemed the ‘ideal’ one to have, as all are beautifully indifferent and have their own pros and cons to which tweaks can easily be applied to help you grow further.

I, myself am primarily a dramatic but relate to the classic’s tendencies of a good fit and sense of occasion for the most part.

So, now it’s your turn chuck….

Step 3 – Identify Your Primary Wardrobe Personality