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My 5 Daily Do's for a Happier You

My 5 Daily Do's For a Happier You, The Image Tree Blog
Little Tweaks Tailor Transformations Ladies

Now before you read on, I want you to know that I am totally aware that many of us find it hard to do the stuff we’re told we should do to make us happier and healthier, because we just don’t seem to believe we have the time or feel the inclination to do so.

You know like do something exotic with a stewed prune for brekkie, bounce around the park at 5am like a deer and then immerse yourself in a deep tantric chant for 20 minutes before hopping into an ice shower. All done before you go to work or the kids get up.

For those that do this I salute you and am in genuine total awe, but honestly, that intensity really isn’t for me because I’m in the more ‘lazy arse’ demographic that prefers the quick and easy gratification that doesn’t hold me to rigorous routines and guilt attacks. I’m much more likely to do stuff if it doesn’t a} take much effort, b} take much time, c} take much will power and d} enjoy it and feel smug after.

Therefore, I thought it might be useful to share with you a few of the easiest practices I have managed to shoe horn into my day over the last few years and believe have seriously helped me feel better, look better and be more accepting of myself both physically and mentally.

For the most part, these subtle additions have come about by being surrounded with the company of professional women who use all manner of beautiful alternative and holistic practices to aide their successes and happiness in both business and life and of whom have taught and shared with me so much. You know who you are.

Being a member of a small mastermind group (a Napoleon Hill biggie) and/or a larger supportive network cannot be recommended enough.

Anything that helps to boost a better body image, improved self confidence and plant those positive seeds in our noggins, has to be a good idea and I am by no means a total ‘goody two shoes’ because I am well…human and I do have days of “meh", not feeling it today” and that’s ok too.

It’s not rocket science and I’m not reinventing the wheel here, but by trying to lever in any of the following basic 5 DO’s has worked for me and I do encourage my clients to try putting at least one DO into their day. There’s no set time to do them, no order in which you have to do them, no absolutes and more importantly, you don’t have to do them all daily. Practising just one thing is better than none at all.

Love new ideas, My 5 Daily Do's For a Happier You, The Image Tree blog
"Where Focus Goes Energy Flows" Tony Robbins

The idea is just to get you started and cruise steadily up the slip road before you ease onto the happiness highway and I guarantee that if you have a go and keep it up, you’ll start to feel better about you, on the whole.

They reckon if you do something consecutively for about 7 days as a challenge, you’ll be more open to carrying on and even inclined to add more of the good stuff to form a little routine of your own 5 DO’S. Win, win.

So without further ado, I’ll show you my 5 DO'S and then I’ll share with you some of the other ideas and inspirations that I sometimes use if I want to change things around a bit. It’s a bit like choosing from a menu of inspiration which you can dip in daily to keep things interesting. and some of the stuff may need a Google, if you haven't heard of them before. How exciting, new things....

Try to encourage yourself to carry out ONE DO from each of the FIVE categories I have outlined MIND | MOVE | NOURISH | TREAT | LOVE every day.

How you do that and what you choose is up to you depending on time, mood, health and circumstance. If you want to start with just doing 1 DO a day, then that’s a good start too.

So here are My Current Happiness Dos:-

A head full of clutter, My 5 Daily Dos for a happier you, The Image Tree blog
Make Room For Your Mind


I listen to any 5-10 minute guided meditation on an app. I use Insight Timer and it can provide you with all manner of topics from gratitude to manifesting or from de-stressing to quietening anxiety and much more. I tend to go with what I feel I need or am drawn to that day.

If you’re new to meditating, no, you don’t have to sit cross legged and hum and no, it doesn’t always involve hugging crystals and burning incense, though I do because I’m a lover of the woo-woo stuff.

Meditation is just about learning to clear your mind of chatter and enjoy the quiet for a while. It also helps to de-stress, connect with yourself and also has the ability to gently set intentions and move inspirations to the forefront of your thoughts.

Personally, I love a bit of cosmic bonkers afterwards and often shuffle a deck of oracle cards (of which I have many) and select one to see what the day has to offer or indeed, what I can reflect on. Honestly, the synchronicity can be uncanny.

My good friend and skin and pro ageing expert Sughra Khaliq got me loving this particular deck but was more importantly instrumental in helping me realise the mahoosive benefits of practising a little daily routine or ritual to aide ones self care.

The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards. My 5 Daily do's to a happier you, The Image Tree Blog
My Go To Oracle Cards at the moment


  • Download an audible fiction book to escape into fantasy land or maybe try an inspiring podcast or TedTalk for the journey to work etc.

  • Try Barefoot Therapy (google it) by enjoying the feeling of grass between your toes and the soft soil below your feet for at least 5 minutes. If it’s good enough for Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, it’s good enough for me. Plus science has proven it to be beneficial for all sorts of things.

  • Try a spot of Ho’oponopono on yourself. I have used this in the past for times when I’m not feeling very body or self-confident. It's an Hawaiian prayer/affirmation and practice that clears negative thoughts and helps us forgive them and I first heard of it when listening to Dr Joe Vitale's audiobook The Attractor Factor and The Secret to Attracting Money.

  • Ever heard of EFT or Tapping? This also helps your mind to relax, relieve stressors and get you back on track quickly when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a series of finger tapping movements on various meridian points on your body. This was introduced to me by MetaWellBeing Founder and Expert Susan Gardner and works wonders. Here's one of her helpful Facebook videos


Now, I do love a little run from time to time and have been known to trot out after tea (calm down I’m no marathon runner, more a Phoebe from Friends), but of late I’ve found that my time and circumstances have changed and are more inclined to do a super quick movement alternative.

Thanks to my mate Anna Morrone's recommendation (all round Health and Yoga guru) I now do a 7 minute session (yes that’s all) involving gentle exercises and light cardio in a morning, that’s it.

Not only do I feel healthier but I have also felt the snug fitting jeans loosen around my waist a little and my bra straps are definitely less submerged into the fleshy goodness of my back. Win win ladies.

I currently watch 7 minutes via YOUTUBE with the lovely Lucy Wyndham-Read who has a multitude of these awesome quick offerings to choose from. Take a look and see what you think.

There are many more other trainers and experts out there too, so find one you fancy and give them a go. If you haven’t got 7 minutes in your day, you’re really not trying.


  • A Yoga Sequence, Tai Chi or Pilates 5 minute YouTube session or book a local class.

  • Forest bathe (Shinrin-yoku) – walking in the woods is widely practised in Japan and also taps into your MIND DO too. Take your dog, or not depending on their relationship with squirrels. You can't beat a walk anyway.

  • Get to your local pool or grab a hula hoop for a quick toning session.

  • Dancing is always a laugh and so good for you too. Plug yourself in whilst vacuuming the stairs or blurt out the radio full pelt and throw some shapes.


Okay, so the whole healthy eating thing can be a bit of hard work to keep up and truly enjoy for the long term, which is why I like to give myself an easy goal. No fuss, no going without, just a little bit of a mindful eat from time to time.