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A Quick Festive Fashion Fix!

Festive Fashion Review

Yuletide Greetings Girls!

Now I know you're currently throwing wads of hard earned cash at various useful gifts for 'Nanna' or `Cousin Vinnie', but please spare a thought for your wardrobe and its contents, do you have a seasonal outfit you can don?. What are you going to wear to THAT party or family mince pie fest?..Aargh!!! I can't bare the thought of you turning up in a moth eaten snowman jumper (unless that's your thang) so I'm going to help so RELAX!

You're christmas cherub is here to throw you baubles of festive trends and shower you with 5 gifts of seasonal trend-spiration to save you from your December dowdiness. Heaven forbid!!

#1 Metallic Hues, Sequins & Frills

No we're not making our own cards, I'm talking 'embellishment' and adornments of the clothing kind. From fine knits with bejewelling, sparkly fabrics and sequin clutches to shunkly (is that a word?) shoes and frilled ensembles and more. The level of glamour you choose is down to personal taste but I think that a simple top goes a long way with a tailored bottom in a more textured or patterned fabric whereas a dress can take a little more bling or interest if you keep accessories and hair simple. Just don't try and outdo your chirstmas tree, no one likes a show off.

Party Time Dresses

Click the pic if you want the links

Take heed though, don't put sparkly, metallic or embellishment on parts of the body you don't like as they will draw attention to it and certainly fluid metallic or sequinned fabrics are not always 'lumps and bumps' friendly. They're highly reflective and so increase the illusion of surface area, FYI they make things look bigger! This is great if you're smaller up top than bottom half, eg a pair shape because it balances you out, so try sequins in a jacket form or top. If you do want to flaunt your assets use 'sparkle' to draw the eyes and you may even attract a few magpies in the process.

#2 Velvet, Feather & Fluff

This seasons fabrics are luxe and tactile making physical contact even more attractive,. ooh er missus. For a bit of sex appeal there's plenty of smouldering velvet in all forms on the high street in hues of burgundy to blue and it can be super chic in a dress, trouser or tuxedo style jacket which can look 'amazeballs' by the way and by no means `Austen Powers'. Touchy feely fabrics such as this work well with other smoother textures too like satin or leather... ooh.

Wallis Crushed Velvet Jacket

Click pic to view

Feathers and fluff doesn't have to denote something straight out of Sesame Street as either can be playful and used to add interest to accessories or trims to garments. I've seen quite a lot of feathers being used in jewellery, particularly earrings and there is seriously is no harm in a fluffy jacket, provided its not chucking it down. The colours of a peacock feather are so beautiful this time of year and sit comfortably with metallics and gems so add a little birdy love here and there.

#3 Prints

If you have a penchant for print then you're in luck this christmas and there is something for everyone. There's dark florals (again) for the romantic types, checks for the traditionals and lustrous jacquard (huh?) for the more dramatic and are particularly gorgeous for parties. What's jacquard I hear you say? Well its a rich shiny version of the kind of fabric you see in luxury sexy bedding or reminiscent of a smoking jacket, but not as stuffy and definitely more chic. Personally, I think they look best in a trouser or skirt teamed with simple polo, jacket and heels or you can go matching jacket in some cases.

Coast Metallic Jacquard Trousers

Click pic for link

#4 Colours

Rich greens, burnt oranges and regal purples are abundant and perfect if you're darker in the hair and eyes department but if you slide more to the pale and peachy then there's the winter pinks (blush & fushcia), dove greys and softer reds to plump for. Party brights are still around if want to inject a pop of electricity but neutrals and trustworthy black are always around to keep you grounded, but just make sure you do something to them to up your seasonal game unless you want to drown amongst the sea of LBD's. I would suggest braving it and go for red instead, its definitely this season's IT colour even if it's just a lippy.

#5 Accessories

The key to finishing an outfit or making one is the little touches and this season we're seeing the layering of ecclectic necklaces of varying genres from classic pearls to crystals and beads . Statement earrings are the big news and they range from lustrous gems to bold tassels and look great with simple garments, so there's really no need to wear anything else except maybe a cocktail ring or bracelet.

Jon Richard Aurora at Debenhams

Click the Pic for the Link

Moving on to clutches, the staple of any outfit and often the outfit piece de resistance! It can bling up a simple dress or tone down or bring together a dramatic print or indeed have a little fun. You can't beat a conversation opener.

New Look Shell Pink Faux fur clutch

Click the Pic for the link

Ok, so there's 6

Lastly, lets not forget our 'ickle tootsies' and of course our secret!!!! Well maybe mine anyway. Metallics again, I know, I know, already mentioned, but these are great and act as neutrals so they will always go with something and definitely an investment for future events.

Statement shoes or those of a different colour to the rest of your outfit can look fantastic and you dont have to match your handbag these days but remember that your face is much more beautiful than your feet.

Dune Baudo Feather Shoes

Check out my Pinterest link for more picks, visuals and outfit ideas.

On that note I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year!

Be Yourself, Be Fabulous and Be Safe.

Sara xxx

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