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My Party Wear Picks

I heart this time of year…a time for sharing, family time and of course, partayyysss.

I love dressing up and donning the eyeshadow, bling and heels…. Eeek I’m getting excited just thinking about it. The whole process of getting ready is a sacred ritual that most women love and has to be paired with music blasting and a glass of something… ooh whilst dancing.

So, what are you going to wear for your Festive Season bonanza? Hmm, worth thinking about and definitely the perfect time to treat yourself to that item you promised yourself. Yes, you deserve it!!!

Well, if you haven’t decided yet, here’s a few little ‘trend’ nudges and party pointers you might be interested in and will see you through to the New Year too. Take your pick…

Rose Gold

You can’t beat a bit of jewellery to pep up any outfit and this season it’s all about the pinky loveliness of Rose Gold. From watches and delicate choker style necklaces, to rings and earlobe lovelies, it’s a subtle bit of metal fancy that would brighten any skin tone. Ps The fairer dermis even more so….woohoo that’s me.


Shoe Bling

This is an easy way of adding a bit more glitz to your gallop. The likes of the Jimmy Choo & Swarovski collaboration do it beautifully with their shoe accessory range, which, incidentally comes with a nice price tag to boot. However, I reckon that good old Etsy or the humble charity shop can produce similar clip on gems by way of a brooch or cluster earrings. Simply add to your favourite pair of heels. Ta- dah!


Lush Lace

There’s really no need to mutter ‘Goth’ at this juncture, you can be all deep and moody with a subtle showing of lace in a sleeve or skirt trim. The richer, deeper hues of this season such as Burgundy, Snorkel Blue and Evergreen echo the more demure night creature. Sexy! Keep jewellery simple so as not to overcrowd the delicate patterns and smoke up that eye palette whilst you’re at it. #Goddess


Rich Blooms

If you’re more blossom than blimey…then there are lots of floral patterns to choose from, most of which are laid upon darker backgrounds which is great for a slinkier look, it’s also a bit more hot-house tropical than floaty meadow daisy. If you keep to the romance and look for tied necklines and ruffles, you’ll be quid’s in for next season too. Though, If you fancy a bit of a floaty top, then keep your silhouette in check by adding sleeker skirts or trousers. Just saying…


Clutch Love

Bejewelled fancies, soft velvet and detail detail detail girls. If you like a chic simple dress or outfit then you can show that personality off with colour, pattern and bling and it will bring the whole look to life. Metallics are always popular this time of year too and these are to be included in your list of neutrals, they go with loads of colours.


Brocade Luxe

If you’re a follower of fashion, then you’ll know that the board I’ve pinned below is very Balmain darling. If you’re not, don’t worry, if you like it that’s all you need to know. The luxe feel to Brocade and the likes of heavy metallic stitching and twinkly fabrics always add drama, yet not too much if you keep the rest simple. Too much for your personal style buds?.. Then you can find skirts and clutches in similar styles and colours. Go forth and google.


Ankle Dazzlers

Now that I’ve worked my way down to your pinkies, it’s time to spotlight the mover and shaker on the high street…..the ankle strap.

Not usually one for the generous calf or shapely ankle, it can be a bit of a leg shortening doozy. However, please don’t be disheartened, because if you ensure that you get your hemlines right (dress/skirt/trouser) and heel right (spike or chunky), a strappy number can be worn effortlessly. Think about your overall scale and bear in mind where the strap sits, sometimes an angled one works better on a sturdier or shorter limb.


Add some Sparkle....

As with every party season, there is a ‘must add glitter’ rule and that’s the truth for shoes, clothes, hair stuff, nails and make up....freakin anything goes really, so go sprinkle it…..everywhere darlings!

These are just a few of my party favourite picks as there’s so much to choose from out there, so fill your boots ladies. There’s more over on my Pinterest Boards if you fancy a looksy.

On that note I would love to wish you all a Marvellous Merry Christmas and Stonking New Year. Be good girls now and I’ll be back in 2017.


Sara x

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