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Carry On Layering. Stylishly Of Course!

Carry on Layering, Stylishly of Course ,How To Layer Stylishly | The Image Tree
Get Your Layers On.

Updated 5/1/21

Well it's Winter and the fluffy socks are officially on along with the heating, so I feel inclined to set the scene for the thoughts behind this blog a little more... Time to pop on those layers with style.

This year's pick of the local bonfire scene (an early one) involved holding a fire torch and meandering down a dark country lane with my famalam in tow, amongst a good crowd of other peeps blindly leading gloved hands towards the country hotel where the bonfire and fireworks was to to take place. It was a beautiful procession and resembled a twisting flight of fireflies stretched out before us and the primeval part of me felt the urge of wanting to strip off and dance round a fire... well maybe not.

Anyhoo, after reaching our destination we sought light under a giant fairy lit weeping willow and proceeded to stuff our faces with hot soup and sausage rolls whilst I scanned the jovial bunch that were surrounding us.

It was then that I felt overcome by a deeply satisfying feeling of well…smugness. At first I thought it was because I'd managed to sneak a large glass of Vin Rouge as well, without any complaints, but no…I had looked around at my fellow 'fire lovers' and realised that not only did I feel warm but remarkably stylish! Yes my lovelies this is an honourable feat since my bygone days.

You see in the past I have endured many a freezing November the 5th waddling around like an overstuffed sleeping bag, not being able to put my bobble hat on successfully due to the fear of bending my arms and splitting an elbow seam.

Or attending a friends swish bonfire party where everyone seemed to look stylish in Barbour Jackets, tweed and fluffy socked Hunters whereas, I on the other hand, felt more well.. 'Guy Fawkes' on top of the bonfire, clad in ALL of my less desirables from the lonely part of my 'cold days' wardrobe. Ah those fond awkward memories.....

So now, standing victorious I had emerged out the end of the ugly 'layering ' tunnel and was feeling righteous, therefore, I feel it’s my duty to share and pass onto others my seriously helpful ways of piling on the clothes without losing your human form, sense of style or indeed, eating or general manoeuvrability.

So here's my suggestions should you feel the cold and find yourself outside these next few months.... You're welcome !

Primary tips;

  • Wear a soft touch shape vest as a cheeky base layer. M&S have great ones.

  • Keep layers fine. They trap more warmth and you can wear more of them regardless of your frame. Light fabrics worn underneath with heavier fabrics on the top work well, don’t try bulky and heavy together this only makes you resemble the Michelin Man, though you would be easily seen in a crowd.

  • Wear a thin denier pair of tights under your jeans if it’s Arctic conditions.

Right, here's a basic 3 layer guide below….

Layer 1

I would say stick to what feels comfortable for you and your personal style. I’m not suggesting that we all have to go trend mad but sometimes a few little tweaks can make us feel a little more unique and well ‘with it’.

Here are some suggestions for this season.

Start with any thin or long sleeved base, patterned if you dare, and build from there by adding a T- shirt, sweater or shirt over the top.

Season trend alert, the polo neck. This is very versatile and can go under all manner of things from dresses to blazers and you can play with print too rather than just colour blocking.

Wait, there's more....

*Add jeans or jeggings under a shirt dress, yes you heard right.

*Add a soft shirt under a jumper dress.

*Use a cardigan with a belt over a skirt, add tights and boot..bosh!

Before I go on, I can here you saying... Sara what about all those bumps and gathering you get when trying to layer, well...

If you're layering up and can see the buttons, try popping on a smooth shell top over the shirt and then putting your sweater over the top. No buttons showing now… This little gem and more was found over on

Layer 2

Add your outerwear. A good coat always makes a great statement or impression and it can deceive onlookers into thinking your "tres chic" instead of the real truth… you’re harbouring ‘that’ moth eaten ‘mohair’ jumper underneath. Just don’t take it off.

This season try...

  • Leather biker jackets with a blanket scarf (timeless)

  • Quilted gilet over a jumper or jacket

  • Checked Coat, just add boots.

  • Throw a trench over your layers for a waterproof alternative.

Layer 3

Accessorise darling…You can go to town with the colour and prints if you’ve kept the rest fairly neutral, remember, these can tie in your colour scheme or make happy contrasts and for goodness sake don't forget opaque or patterned tights this year. They look great with ankle boots and a jumper dress. Nice!!

Listotic pic,style hacks

Why not jazz up your outfit with boot socks maybe faux fur trimmed or a touch of tweed.

Or if you're a little savvier, why not make your own woollier versions by cutting sleeves off jumpers as seen here on

Add a plaid blanket scarf or patterned lovely over the top of your coat to draw eyes to your face and keep your neck warm, of course. There are also plenty of cape styles and wraps to choose from this season.

Why not add a bit of seasonal fluff to a Winter coat by trying a faux fur stole or collar?

This ones from Joe Browns but you can pick them up on Etsy or a charity shop for less and don't forget an animal print, whether leopard or snake acts as a neutral so will work with any plain coloured coat.

Gloves can be fun too and there's some lovelies out there from leather to felt in all sorts of colours and textures.

Hats are something that us girls can be a little shy with because they are a statement and not for the faint style hearted, but if you get it right they can look amazeballs. Even a knitted hat can look fab just try some on and don't forget this seasons style, the Beret and the Baker Boy, They are so easy to wear and come in felt or knitted form.

Believe it or not I have a felt flat cap of sorts (Italian made) which I adore..its quirky just like me.

Sara from The Image Tree

A Quick Bit About Boots

I know a lot of women have more shaped lower legs and struggle to get long boots that fit over their calves, well fear not because their are knee boots out there that you can try in varying prices. However, I would say that a good leather pair is worth investing in as they will last you a lot longer and you'll get your cost per wear back in no time.

Here are a few online places you could try:-

Also many of the Department Stores have a small selection along with the high street stores, Evans, Simply Be and Clarks.

For further ideas about what shoes to wear with what and a bit more about boots check out my post here

So now do you feel you could share that smugness this Winter and beyond? Why not have a go and see how you get on. You’re so worth it mwah mwah.

All my style pics have been shared by the good people of Pinterest so please don't forget to check out more layering ideas over on my Pinterest Board.

Happy Layering

Sara x

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