Starry Night

Starry Night


A hand crafted tan leather wrap bracelet bestowed with a beautiful colour palette in ode to Vincent Van Gogh's  'The Starry Night' masterpiece. 


A soul searching mix of Blue Aventurine and Amazonite gemstone beads that encourage honesty and good decision making whilst promoting balance and calm in your thoughts. 


A powerful partner to attract the answers you sometimes seek when you look to the night's sky and speak to the heavens.

  • The bracelet's genuine crystal beads are also delicately woven alongside intricate faceted golden metallic and various glass reflective beads with a silver coloured etched button and double loop fastening at the end, which allows for a variable fit. 

    The item is approximately 99cms when laid out flat and allows for 5 wraps (as seen in images) around ones wrist.  This is two each side of the feature aventurine stone which has a gold coloured rim.

    The bracelet comes with a pouch and information cards.

    Please note that due to the items being handmade and sourced of natural materials, some discrepancies in colour and length maybe apparent and differ slightly to the image shown.


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