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The Wearable Guide to Spring/Summer Trends 2020

The Wearable Guide to Spring, Summer Trends 2020, The Image Tree Blog
It's time for a seasonal update

As I sat, snuggled up on the sofa one night, watching an episode of my latest Netflix addiction (Sex Education) , I realised that the cosiness of a crisp covered blanket, giant dressing gown and fluffy socks would soon be at an end.

Yes I would have the comfort of a hairy leg to keep me warm (hahaha) til I could be bothered to unveil my pasty whites to the nation, but it was obvious that it was time to make changes and get with the Spring program.

So the next day, armed with my new laptop Imogen, (yes I named her - don't judge me) and a happy bounce in my step like a spring lamb, I took myself off, all the way to the other side of the room and got busy researching and well ....tah-dah I have provided for you.

As usual, I have seasonally sifted through the crazy, the crass and the cringey to offer you a plethora of practical, wearable and the purse savvy to feed any cravings for change or to update and refresh your current wears. Let's get stuck in shall we..?.


Ok, so last year we saw a lot of beige and pink, with green and purple being much more available on the high street, well, this season it's along the same vein but with the addition of a few more classics and tweaks instead.

I would definitely invest in more traditional browns by way of tans and buttery chocolates, along with the little black dress making it's place known again. Great news for you lovely classic style personalities out there and lovers of the neutral palette.

*These trousers are available via a Cabi Stylist Colleague.

Strong and vibrant reds are here to stay extending from the festive season, along with tangerine dreams of orange and softer yellows. Granted these colours can be daunting when you're not used to wearing them, but the rule of thumb tends to be that the darker your skin, the brighbter the colour.

Paler skin tones warrant a more subtle approach. Nothing a colour analysis (colour confidence session) can't solve wink wink.

Purples are both vibrant and pastel this season and on the high street still as well as any kind of green, which will be dominant this year. I'm already filling with joy and a fresh swagger to my step just thinking about purchasing a little more green as it's not a colour you see often but brings calm and happy to any wardrobe.

Wearable guide to spring, summer trends 2020, The image tree blog
Get Yourself some Calming Green in Your Closet

Don't forget your pink though because it is still hanging around whether it's in the form of punchy fuchsia, baby hues or warm peaches. The trouser suit remains a good investment and works well in an empowering colour like this, so have a look round and see what you fancy.

However, there is a strong colour contender to knock this familiar hue from it's long standing throne and it follows the annual flag ship of blue,, hoorah!

Not surprising really since Pantone's colour of the year is Classic Blue. So fill your boots with similar blues and even inkier shades in your separates, I'm thinking trousers, shorts and accessories galore that will add more variety to your other neutrals you currently mix with.

You can also expect to see many an oxford shirt or chambray/denim ensemble in that lovely pale heritage blue which works beautifully in both the cooler and warmer climates. Also a chambray or lighter cotton will skim those curves effortlessly for a better fit.

Wearable Trends for Spring, Summer 2020, The Image Tree Blog
Heritage Blue and Chambray, a lighter denim look.


In previous seasons we've seen the tropical print come and go without much of an impact but, after sifting through the expert's write ups, it seems that it is one for the wardrobe this year. Don't forget that a print can e your friend in the body confidence stakes.

Another print to invest your hard earned cash into is the simple polka dot which is an easy pattern to mix and can be bold or subtle depending on colour, size and what you pair it with. If you're a tall gal or fuller bodied lovely keep your spots bigger and for the more petite and slighter frame, keep it small and ditsy.

As with the seemingly popular geometric trends this year, you will see the racer check and quirky stripe along with anything resembling the 1970's too.

For the more bohemian types amongst us, we can relax knowing that scarf prints, tie-dye and romantic florals will remain popular "go tos" come the festival season and the rose print will be rife amongst the rails, especially in the dresses department.

However, there is one particular fabric that although seems a little unfitting for a hot day , will be THE one 'IT' textile to don and is no stranger to a wardrobe in some form or another and that is leather.

Yes, whether you're a rock chic or classic skirt wearer it will be everywhere in natural or vegan form and from skirt, to dress, to trouser and to jacket and colours a plenty. A welcome addition to the many colder days we actually have here in blighty even over the Summer.

Orange leather jacket, The wearable guide to spring summer trends 2020, The Image Tree Blog
Coloured and Edgy, Leather is here to stay


I have to say that in general, this season is coming across as 'sensible' and 'wearable' on it's own... honestly. There is the odd silly, like wrapped ankle trousers, massive puffy sleeves and gigantic bags that you could carry your kid in but, all in all, hand on heart, quite accessible. I even think the short suit could be pulled off in the right place though I prefer the trouser version myself.

There's a love of the high necked dress or blouse, frills and embroidered touches which resembles scenes from little women or maybe little house on the prairie, but this adds to the hazy romance of summery afternoons.

If you don't fancy all that busyness and frippery then simple pintucks and crocheted details will do the job just as well.

In fact, for those of us who like to be a little on trend without the big gestures, we'll be able to invest in an embellished collar or interesting sleeve instead, as these are the areas of focus this season.,, not a belly button in sight for the most part.

For the more non fashion followers and easy outfit wearers, I would definitely get your denim out and even go all 'Canadian tuxedo' by wearing double denim (top and bottom), yes it's back and can be found in all manners of outfit inspirations in clean and easy silhouettes, not a distressed knee in site for me.

My money is on denim shirt dresses too, so I'm going looking amongst the vintage and pre-loved this season and might even try a jumpsuit version.

The historical theme remains set within the 1970's and dungarees, boiler suits (yes still) and the odd simple but frame effective shoulder pad will be apparent on the high street.

However, it doesn't have to be all platform or flat-form shoes or wide leg trousers, you can simply nod to the era with a bright colour or interesting pattern or just keep it simple and comfortable.


A scarf, a piece of jewellery, a bag or favourite shoe is always deemed an outfit finisher and a hard working staple of the wardrobe or dressing room, so I couldn't talk about the picks of the season without mentioning these little gems.

In the footwear department you will see many a sturdy sole whether that's a boot, a shoe or a trainer and for the more 'out-out' look, the thong sandal (heeled or flat) and any heel with interesting ankle details will be making their entrance.

Jewellery will show a leaning towards the 'chain' both chunky and simple plus there will be twisted pearls everywhere.

The ankles will be the body part that will be getting a dressing this Summer too,, so hello anklets!!

Arm candy will take on a straw and raffia look which totally emphasises the holiday and beach vibe and the bucket bag shape will be taking centre stage in all colours and fabrics this year. I personally quite like these bags because they are a neat and practical shape.


So because of all the 'ordinariness' of this season, I've found it particularly hard to pick out my top 5 picks to add to ones wardrobe, but I feel confident that many of these may already be lurking in your closet somewhere, so extra brownie points all round if that's the case. You can update your accessories instead.

For the rest of you, these will last for season's to come and give you great cost per wear. So....enjoy.

1# The Trench

No wardrobe should be without one. This season it's edgier in colour and print but that doesn't mean the classic should be ignored.

2# The Interesting Shirt

Whether that's a funky print, an interesting sleeve or that little bit of detail that gives the everyday a little more personality. You can even pop on a polo shirt this season is you like the sport luxe look.

3# The Leather Trouser

Now, there are many styles out there from the tight to the tapered leg and the classic to the cropped. Find your vibe and give it a go. They look great with soft knits too and you don't have to dress them up to work it well, less is more.

4# The Floral Dress

So two key things to help you search the rails a little easier if you want a more on trend look....a higher neckline and a longer length (midi to maxi). If you're not too bothered about either of these then think boho chic and swishy sleeves for that relaxed and comfortable look.

5# The Casual Cardigan

This season's casual take on the trusty cardigan means you can use it as an extra layer when you need it as well as wearing it on it's own, tucked in or sitting neat over separates. Long or short, buttoned or open.

For more outfit inspirations check out my Pinterest Board or keep abreast of my various posts and micro trends over on my social media platforms.

You can also never ever miss a blog again by subscribing to my monthly newsletter here. There's even a great freebie to be enjoyed at the moment too when you join us.

Cheers Sara x

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