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Shop The Spring & Summer 2022 Trends With Ease

Authentic Woman Wearing Stripes, Shop the Spring Summer 2022 Trends With Ease, The Image Tree Blog
Find Your Happy Amongst These Season's Trends

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Well, what can I say…? I love doing my seasonal trend blogs and look forward to trawling through the ‘FROW’ fashion week write ups, trend forecast, the glossy mags round ups and street fashion trailblazers to sort the wheat from the chaff and the impractical from the super wearable.

As a woman in my mid-forties, I am done with showing off my belly ring and wearing short skirts so trends that don’t appeal to my sensibility just don’t meet the cut in my seasonal edits these days. If, however, you’re all for it then I salute you and happily celebrate your styling gusto.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy trying new styles and shapes but these days I’m more for cost per wear and donning garments that fill me with a happy confidence, feed my quirky sense of style and are comfortable to wear.

Over the years I have grown to be both confident in my own skin and sense of style and I have become more mindful in my outfit choices too, practicing emotional dressing as soon as I open the wardrobe doors. This entitles wearing whatever outfits that reflect my mood or energetic needs for the day ahead; from floral and feminine approachability one day to quirky, bold, and assertive the next.

The colours, the prints and the garments themselves can provide superpowers to boost your self-image on a daily basis if you know what to look for.

Bright happy senior woman in green, Shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, The Image Tree Blog
Clothes and Colour Are Your Friends

I love to teach other women how to find their style mojo too and therefore, I always find that sharing the seasonal trends gives a pool of inspiration and creativity from which to fish from.

So, without further ado, here is my simple and practical modification of the season’s trends to help you reconnect with your style personality and hopefully inspire a few tweaks to up the ante with your outfit confidence.

I have also included my pick of the 5 key pieces you might want to throw your hat at if you are in need of some wardrobe love or want to fill a few outfit gaps for seasons to come.

*All my style boards are shoppable and so there will be affiliate links within them. This basically means I get a small commission, as a thank you from the brand, if you buy anything. Keeps my business rolling to be honest. *


  • The bright and the bold

The term ‘dopamine dressing’ has become mainstream in most fashion articles I’ve read over the last year. Finally, the physiological and sensory link with colour and its effects on us has been highlighted in the fashion industry, which is great news for image consultants and coaches like me who practice holistically. Colour can lift the soul.

With Pantone stating their colour of the year being a 'Very Peri' purple, I'd endorse purples of all varieties this season and also look for reds, pinks and oranges especially if worn in columns of colour. Which basically means pick your favourite hue and wear it simply and monochromatically. If you like a trouser suit or a co-ord fill your boots with a colour pop.

Image Ref: Maria Lupan @Unsplash

Neon yellow was plastered all over the cat walks but I’m happy to leave it there unless it’s a pair of earrings, cheeky clutch, or an accessory accent. I’m not sure hi-vis is for everyone unless you’re painting lines on the M1.

  • Candy kisses

If you’re more of a wallflower when it comes to colour and prefer the softer, more approachable colour palettes then this season can offer up all things pastel from mint to lavender and pink to lemon yellow. Insider tip... green is proving popular in shoes.

  • Easy Does It

For the neutral and minimal lovers, white is king this season and grey is your friendly ‘go with everything’ shade with natural browns following closely behind, so why not mix them into your everyday or find prints that just keep on giving.

Brown is also the on-trend nail colour too and I guarantee there is a shade out there for you from caramel to bitter chocolate. Ooh nom nom. Best get the chocolate digestives out now.


I always think it’s important when I summarise the trends to mention the little details that are apparent amongst them because they are the small things that make a bigger impact and can be much easier to implement into your outfits.

Not only this but many of these extras are a great way to nurture your style personality further. If you are more of an expressive dresser for instance, a frill, pleat, or nice bit of embroidery can excite you whereas a geometric patterned fabric can interest the gamine lovers. Find out your dominant wardrobe personality here if you like..

The silhouettes this season that I love are nodding towards comfort, good lines and figure flattery, for example fabrics are fluid and cuts in dresses and separates are focusing around draping, which is also great for camouflaging the ole tum, if you need a little more confidence.

Draping silhouettes, shop spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Draping and sensuous fabrics

Fringing and natural crafting appears again for another season and is popular for those warm sunny days at home or abroad and ticks the boxes for any bohemian lovely. I always think about music festivals and Ibiza myself.

Patchwork crafting trends, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Patchwork Prints and Tassells ahoy

When it comes to fabrics you cannot beat a bit of lace and this season it’s everywhere, from the white and antique to the black and sexy. You really can’t go wrong if you have some garment hanging in your wardrobe already.

Craftwork trends, shot the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Artsy Collars and Netted Knits & Weaved Fabrics

The crafty theme also extends to netted knits (looser weaves) and feathers but they’re just not practical to wear in a country that rains a lot. No one likes a soggy bit of bird fluff.

Patterns I’m loving are striking stripes from the bold to the soft, followed by fine busy florals (again) and ooh metallic sheens on everything. The last few seasons saw leather dominating, so this is definitely a cheaper alternative with coated fabrics and a little glitter in your fabrics which are a doable option to lift your day wear to night. Don't forget your accessories either.

Stripes and Metallic, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Stripe-tastic & Metallic Pairings Look Awesome


  • School Daze

Yes, the school uniform look is back, but no, you don’t need to get your knee socks and school tie out.

It’s more of the preppy look really with cricket jumpers, blazers, shirts, and pleated skirts taking centre stage. Very wearable, though not all at once, because you can just pick one aspect and work it with what you already have. This is a great opportunity for any classic style personalities out there to work that neat, structured and layered look.

  • 90’s denim

At last, our beloved vintage jean styles are back, hello Levi 501’s and Lee Coopers because the straight leg is back in all its mid-blue wash finery. Denim jackets, boiler suits, dresses, and crop tops (maybe not those) can be washed and aired . Whoop whoop… The 90’s are in, and Britney Spears is our fashion muse (or not?)

Vintage denim, Shop the Spring Summer 2022 Trends with ease, the image tree blog
Classic Denim Woohoo

  • Low key luxury

With all the lockdowns of recent times (thank God they’re over) fashion really had to adjust and therefore, made loungewear a thing. To you and me it’s our comfies, pj’s or yoga pants but to the brands it was a chance to big them up and make co-ords a thing. Giving yourself a little soft comfort whilst working from home.

This season they’re promoting that our hard-working basics have a more luxurious twist too, so we’re talking gorgeous fabrics, quality tailoring and subtle colour palettes. A good white shirt, fitted trousers, tailored blazers and classic cut dresses. Minimalism at its best so that cost pre wear gets a good seeing to and so do the natural fibre fabrics.

Wear Low key luxe at home, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Get Your Key Pieces On Point

  • Folksy

This ties in lovely with the crafty aesthetic and boho vibes we mentioned earlier in the fabrics. Think a more modern twist on flowing maxi cotton dresses, patchwork bags, busy floral and geometric prints and tasselled numbers of the 70’s, swishing about you. You can even try a bit of faux fur, or a statement collared blouse too if you fancy?

Folksy vibes, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Let loose with comfort and fluidity


As ever, the finishing touches to an outfit can be the ones which make the most impact, become adored and well used, and can tie everything together, whether it be a striking shoe, a colourful earring or a hard-working handbag.

Accessories are key, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Metal Work Extras

In the footwear department, this season is popping a platform in on all levels as a nod to the 70’s. They don’t have to be just stacked heels and high rise, it’s more about an added bit of height in a flat-form sporty sandal, a loafer, a neat trainer or a mule.

Elsewhere, T-bars, gladiator sandals and the 90’s ballet flat will be welcomed back into the warmer seasons so dust them off from the back of the wardrobe or refresh yourself with a new pair because these are styles which will stand the test of time. Heck, I still wear ballet flats anyway!

Handbags are an essential aid to a woman’s busy life in my view, you just can’t beat a tasty bit of arm candy to carry around your tech, money and lippy because let’s face it, a carrier bag just doesn’t look the business.

From a backpack to a tote bag and everything in between, this season bright colours are the way to go or if that’s too risky then tan is the IT colour work horse for 2022.

As sustainability is so important now, there are many vegan friendly alternatives to leather and all that is suggested this season is a little metal hardware in the forms of locks, clasps, and chains to bring it up to date.

If you like a statement piece now and again for evening clutches and the like, then the lovely crescent shaped bags will be hitting the high street brands along with softer designs with complementary ruching details.

Lastly, I have noticed that the jewellery trends are becoming more focused on being personal and meaningful to the wearer by way of quirky pendants displaying anything from the astrological to the kitsch. This is so refreshing to see because it just adds to the wearer a little more personality and authenticity. Love it.

Personalised jewellery, shop the spring summer 2022 trends with ease, the image tree blog
Jewellery Becomes Personal & Quirky

Chains remain a statement piece, so the bigger the better in both metallic and resin materials and rings have taken on a more sculptural form, replacing the blingy cocktail style in previous seasons. Ooh and you will see more ear cuffs and climbers this season if you like something a little different to hoops and studs.

  • Which metal colour suits me?

When it comes to wearing silver, gold and even rose gold, I’m always asked which works best with certain skin colours, however, without collaborating with the client personally I can only give a rough guide because it is determined by your natural undertone.

As a basic rule of thumb cool undertones work well with silver, warm undertones with gold and rose gold is pretty versatile, but then you have the finishes from glossy to matte to determine. We do tend to have personal preferences though, so I always suggest mixing and layering jewellery up if they conflict with your natural colouring.


Ok, now for my personal selection of what I think you’ll get more bang for your buck going forward with and if they’re “in” then there is more choice on offer, so you’ve a better chance of finding a lifelong gem.

  1. Pleated skirt

  2. Biker jacket/denim jacket

  3. White dress

  4. Lace top

  5. Gladiator sandal

Of course, you do not have to buy new, you can often find what you need at a local vintage or charity shop which is much better for the environment.

Phew, well that’s me done for the season ahead, and I hope you are feeling as lifted as I am to add a little excitement to my clothes, even if it is just a pair of shoes or a dress. You don’t need everything just one wardrobe hero to fill you with more confidence.

If you'd like to find out more about enhancing your natural shape, colour choices, style personality and perfecting your outfit choices then feel free to join my private Facebook Group or book a 1:1 session or Style Journey today.

Start nurturing all of the above in a more comfortable and holistic way because it's not just about the clothes, it's about growing your self image from the inside out too.


Click the image to have a nosey at my group.


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