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My Wearable Trend Picks For Spring/Summer 2021

Trendy Woman in Pink, My Wearable Trend Picks For Spring Summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
Time To Get Your Pink On

Well, what can I say it’s not been a great past year for many, and the fashion industry and the high street apparel stores have taken a right bashing!

Of course, many clothing brands have a strong online presence but when you haven’t got anywhere to go there’s not much point buying new garments and wearing the latest trends, unless of course you’re a die-hard fashionista and love a bit of Insta posing in your kitchen.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all and we will soon (fingers crossed) be out and about in the open again, socialising and working back in the office (maybe).

So, in preparation for happier times, with friends and family plus, holidays and the pub, let’s embrace the new season and 2021 with a looksee at the bright and the beautiful that could give our wardrobes some love and our spirits a lift.

White Summer Outfit, My Wearable Trend Picks for Spring Summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
Warmer and Longer Days Ahead Girls!

Every season, I present to you a collection of the sensible, wearable, purse savvy (cost per wear) and the more inclusive of styles, fits and tastes so that even if you’re not into following the fashions, you can at least choose a few lovelies that float your boat and appeal to your needs.

Whether it’s to refresh items that have gotten a little thread bare or to find key pieces to bring less worn items to the front of your wardrobe.

It’s time to go have a proper gander at your current state of affairs in the clothes, shoes and accessories department ladies and make a little list and even bring out things you already own for a good airing. Go take a recce because we’ll be going “out-out” very soon. Yippee!


Hey, rainbow lovers your colour dreams have come true in a wearable form. Enter the bright hues and prints that raise a smile.

From red to purple and everything in between is up for grabs and even those of you who are a little shy of wearing bold hues, your neutrals are safe and sound in the form of caramels, greys and monochrome dressing.

There are also many softer varieties of the popular brighter cousins out there and the staple black dress is certainly making a comeback.

Now, every season Pantone gift us their colour of the year but this time there’s a rarity… two offerings no less, in the form of illuminating yellow and ultimate grey. A combination that perfectly sums up the light and dark of what we’ve just gone through and aesthetically they do look awesome together.

You can make the leap yourself with a yellow bag or piece of jewellery if that’s more comfortable to wear and then all you have to do is dig out your grey prints or basic staples.

Yellow & Grey Pantone, My Wearable Trend Picks For Spring Summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
Or Marigolds Do The Job Indoors :) :)

If it feels a tad too in your face though, there’s always the mellower varieties to try and yellow also looks amazeballs with camel too. Think banoffee pie.

Another combo that looks awesome is powder blue and cream for you lovers of the quiet statement and for the more dramatic amongst you, red and pink are perfect partners to turn heads.

In the pattern banks, chessboard checks, bold stripes and surreal reflections of nature both in flora and fauna will be made available. So, think cheerful prints of the bright and the bold as well as interesting hybrids of animal prints and unusual flower or abstract patterns.

Also look out for tapestry-esque fabrics for cooler days and nights in a soft blazer or coatigan that you can throw on over jeans.

The beauty of any busy print is that it allows for less background space for the eye to roam about on and thus creates a neater and more streamlined silhouette.


Each new season also brings a few themes that are picked up on and reworked into the trends and outfit inspirations and this Spring and Summer we will see inklings of the laid back 1950’s with headscarves, retro prints and button-down dresses and knits.

1950s theme for 2021 Fashion, My Wearable Trend Picks For spring summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
1950's Throwback Fashion Inspirations

However, with that aside there are two main schools of thought on offer in the mainstream brands, the first brings happiness and fun back in a wearable form and the second is a nod to the comfortable indoor uniform of last year.

The former will bring the colourful and visual joy of clothes to the forefront as well as in the tactile sense by which garments will show titbits of interest like embroidery and lace to stimulate those senses along with the smoothness of buttery leather.

As for the latter theme, fabrics will be light and fluid for comfort this season to ease us out slowly from the security of lounge wear and into the outside world, meaning jeans will be more relaxed and trousers will have more swish to them.

Hoodies and light knits will stay, along with longer length dresses and skirts to provide the cover if you’re still climatizing. Shorter lengths will slide in a little later with the warmer temperatures.

When things really get more normalized though, there will also be opportunities to show a little flesh when you socialize but with sensibility, in the way of sheer details on sleeves and necklines and cheeky little cut outs in jumpers, tops and dresses for interesting silhouettes.

It all seems very practical this season and the topic of sustainability is high on the agenda, so I would welcome you to look for brands that have a good ethos in these matters and encourage you to not get too caught up in disposable fashion.

Spending your hard-earned cash on wacky frivolities with a short life span is not style savvy especially if you haven’t the budget, which is why I always advocate the simpler, the more wearable pieces with bigger cost per wear qualities.

The trends and brand offerings I showcase every season are merely an indication of what is out there to suit your needs, tastes and purse and in no way a pull to become a fashionista slave. Fashion comes and goes, whilst style goes on forever” (Anonymous 1929)

Sustainable Fashion, My Wearable Trend  Picks For Spring Summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
Vintage Rocks

There is also a plethora of goodies that lay await in the vintage, pre-loved and upcycling arenas too which can tick all of the seasonal boxes and are a hugely important resource to acknowledge and utiilise for less waste. I love to find treasures amidst the rails myself.


Now last, but by no means least, we need to find the proverbial cherries to finish the look and bring our ensemble together in a visual flurry of fabulousness.

I saw lots of glitter and twinkle on the runways which are usually kept for the latter end of the year, so my advice to you would be d2on’t keep your sequin separates or bejewelled lovelies locked away until Christmas.

Instead, get them out now and mix them with your relaxed basics because it’s cheery and brings an element of freshness and vitality to the table. There are no rules to keeping sparkly things for special occasions anyway in my book.

Look out for sleeves too because they will definitely take the centre stage for interest and eye-catching details in both size and shape which is good news for those of us who prefer a little decorative coverage.

Your footwear should be sturdy and comfortable when you need it most and if we’re going to be travelling to work again soon, enter the luscious loafer for assistance. For the warmer season flatforms will add height for a change, unless of course you prefer the trustworthy wedge in a comfy sandal.

Whilst we’re still on a practical note. your handbag of choice can yet again be the forever tote bag which is an absolute god send to stuff in the kitchen sink and I invite you to go with a pop of colour if you’re on the lookout for a replacement. if not, just add a vibrant scarf to your current lovely or neutral friend instead.

For going "out out", the backless heel stays strong from last season along with the slingback styles, but if you have anything with chains on, dust them off too. The Greek Goddess inspired strappy flat will be everywhere too to give your feet an airing this summer and for the trainer lovers amongst us, it’s all going retro and bright.

The jewellery stakes will be going big with longer lengths complete with statement pendants and interesting drop style earrings of worked metals or pearls.

The best choice for a statement piece of jewellery if you're not sure about colours, is to go for a metallic of your choice, that way you'll be able to wear it with a lot more outfits as it acts as a neutral.

To add an element of fun and casualness on the flipside, the theme of the beach will bring beads, natural stones or shells with leather, beckoning the summer sun to our threads. These are a great addition to the laid-back bohemian vibes and beachy prints that will come nearer to the holiday season.


Ok, so having searched through loads of editorials, virtual catwalk showcases and the blogging royalty, I have unearthed my TOP 5 Picks that will serve you well this year and for the future.

Find pieces that appeal to your own sense of style and taste and work them into your wardrobe when opportunity arises. Even if you just go for one, it will bring you a new spring in your step.

1. Relaxed Denim

Relaxed Denim, My Wearable Trend Picks For Spring Summer 2021, The Image Tree Blog
Jeans Are Taking A More Relaxed Approach

Now before you start panicking about ditching the skinny jeans, don't, we're not the fashion police here, I'm just showing you new options that you might fancy trying.

For the warmer months I would definitely look for a shorter length or tapered style if you love a fancy shoe or trainer. High rise are great for tummy confidence too.

2. Button down dress

There are lots of swishy fabric varieties as well as stiffer types such as linen and tencels and f you have curves then draping is great and if you have a more linear silhouette then the latter is definitely a game changer when it comes to fit.

Button downs are not necessarily shirt dresses, they can be literally any style with the buttons down the front and as a woman with biggish boobs and a broad shoulder, I have to ensure the garment doesn't have the button bulge or the fabric strain. So look for garments with a little stiffness or have a good double placket (strip the buttons sit on) as they stop this happening.

3. Nifty Knitwear- tank or polo shirt

Knitwear doesn't have to be in the traditional sense it can be a polo shirt, tank top worn over a shirt or tee or a lovely little twin set in a fabulous colour or print.

4. Chain Loafers

These are so stylish and with the trend for white boots being a little too much for my taste anyway, these are a great alternative and being white are a neutral that will go with just about everything from trousers to midi dresses.

5. Headscarf

I love a silk scarf myself, so much so that I sell a few. They are great for your head, bags and necklines and add a quick and easy style lift to your outfit. Obviously there are loads of options out there to choose from so fill your boots and grab that 50s look.


I hope that you feel inspired to fall back in love with your clothes, enjoy shopping in an actual store and endeavour to try new looks and styles. After all, if the last year has taught us anything it's that we should never take our freedom for granted and therefore, enjoy every moment of being, living and enhancing our lives, however that looks.

I do believe 2021 will be all about doing things outside of the home, enjoying activities with others and experiencing things for the sheer joy of it. Not only this but we will seek out people who can help us, teach us and make the most of ourselves.

On a lasting note, please also give a thought to the little guys in retail,. you know the local boutiques and smaller high street and online brands trying to make a stand, if you’re after a new purchase. They really need our help to scrape back a living and get their creative confidence back.

Not forgetting, there are plenty of bargains on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Etsy , Vinted and other apps and platforms in which one woman’s unloved is another woman’s new love and you’re helping someone’s pocket in the process.

Anyhoo, until next time. I wish you adieu.

In the meantime, check .out my services and style journeys to help you build a happier self image from the inside out. As an Holistic Image Consultant, Coach & Body Positive Advocate, I'm here to help .

Confident Woman, The Image Tree Blog
The Power of Authenticity and Confidence

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