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My Spring To Summer Trends Edit

The Spring and Summer 2019 Trend Edit
Crafty weaves and pops of colour

I don't know about you , but I'm so sick of woollies and although Spring has officially begun somewhere, depending on whether you read the seasons via the weathermen or the stars, I want to look ahead to sunnier times. So, I have provided you with a sensible summary of new season offerings to get you in the mood.

Having done all the hard work for you as usual, through the proverbial fashion stashes of trends and forecasts, I've given you a kind of 'cheat sheet' of the wearable stuff and those I believe, in my stylista wisdom, will stick around the longest, hence giving you more stretch for your sterling.

I personally didn't have time for boxy, shapeless blazers, giant bags and cycling shorts nor did I want to show off my midriff in this season's body part focus. However, you may well be more adventurous and want to express yourself through these trends and that's totally fine too and I tip my beret to you.

Personally, I prefer a more 'sift and select method' to refresh my wardrobe and invest my hard earned cash into the easier to wear stuff that would work with my current wardrobe.

So here are my offerings for this Spring through to Summer:-

* Quick Colour Round-up

If you read my previous blog on the colours that have been selected by the powers that be, Pantone, for this season, you will be well aware that anything in the earthy tone family of brown will be mainstream. So from your beiges to your toffees and your camels to your caramels your covered in the neutral department.

Don't be put off by this 'brown-fest' though because there are plenty more hues to throw your stick at such as pinks, yellows, lilacs and greens. There are many brights about as well as anything that resembles 'ice cream', so fill your boots and mix them up with those wardrobe neutrals or invest in some summery prints. My Top Colour pick is definitely anything green, from mint to moss and more. Look to your skin tone to give you clues; rich and dark needs a green with more oomph wheras a soft and lighter skin requires a more delicate hue.

* Surf and Turf

Okay, so I'm not talking lobster and steak dinner here, but I am referring to the two dominant trends of this season in the way of the beach lovers tie-dye versus animal and floral prints galore.

The deep blue sea and hot holiday beach look was shown on the catwalks in all manner of forms from the use of scuba materials to sea foams of white tulle and frill in tops and dresses, but the practical takeaway was most definitely rich tie dye and tropical prints. These two prints I reckon will be most prominent in beachwear and swimwear, so keep your eyes peeled for those holibob investments.

Accessories too, such as bags, took to the beachy basket weave and the canvas hold all vibe and will most definitely filter through to Autumn.

Talking on a more turf like note, animal print, which I believe never truly dies out completely, was just opened up to more zoological variety, introducing tiger, zebra and dalmation in addition to the usual leopard and zebra offerings.

This is great for all you dramatics out there plus, I even find that the odd shrinking violet will happily sneak a little print by way of a shoe or natty purse....

You see, you don't have to overdo it and go all Bet Lynch and it doesn't have to be mainstream colours either to make it look more edgy. Just pair it with plain separates or accessories depending on the garment, as less is more.

Floral as well as fauna was still around in vibrant colours and last seasons check print took a back seat to the new season's polka dot (love a spot myself) which seemed especially rife in black and white, though anything goes to be honest.

It's one of those prints that just keeps giving as it remains chic yet fun all at once and its easy to mix with/amongst other prints, believe it or not.

Just watch your scale though, if you're quite petite a smaller ditsier dot and pattern will always harmonise your frame better, as will a larger polka dot and flower on a more generous frame.

* The Crafting Sixties

Now before you start getting flashbacks to dodgy DIY knitting and crochet pattern packets with a woman dressed in head to toe of the enclosed instructional delights, may I remind you that we have indeed moved on. Macrame and crochet, beadwork and detailing have all taken on new guises and are more at home, these days, with a subtle shout here and there and are an absolute must for all you expressive types, touchy feely shoppers and lovers of the interesting details and quirky touches.

I've seen many a bag and interesting top in a variety of crafty weaves and so I invite you to keep your eyes open and your Etsy search finger poised. For those not in the know, is a fabulous marketplace for the hand crafted and bespoke and covers just about everything, including the wearable and beaded bling.

Within this theme, I would also like to mention that swinging geo prints are also included in this era brought to life today in neat little gamine shapes and enormous sunglasses, I'm thinking Twiggy-esque here to help explain where I'm coming from.

* It's all in the detail

If you're wanting to just jazz up your current look a little without having to go out and buy big pieces or key garments for your wardrobe then this section is for you.

Having noticed that personalisation is big this year in general amongst the fashion set, I welcome you to wear pieces that show off you and your likes whether it be a band t'shirt, a slogan jumper or an initialled necklace or mantra bracelet. Why not customise that denim jacket yourself or upcycle a bag with a tied silk scarf or blingy brooch.

Fill your accessory boots with things that have interesting features from feathers to fringeing and embrace the bow whether it's on a purse, bag, shoe or head band. Personally, I love to tie a ribbon around a shirt neck in a toning or contrasting colour instead of a necklace from time to time. Ooh and this definitely ticks the prairie look me thinks...

Righto, I think you get the picture of the wearable themes I've found this season and I'm hoping you can pick something out that appeals to your inner stylista and make it your own.

Along with a good flattering fit, you can definitely learn to Rock What You've Already Got and give your body some Style Love as and when you need it. The trends are merely here to give you a little outfit nudge now and then and provide further inspirations for you to wear and choose from.

With this in mind, I've fished out 5 key items that I will practically apply to my wardrobe this season, so see what you think....

* My Top 5 Picks for Spring and Summer 2019


I would definitely invest in one and if you want to feel more bold and go for a more colourful variety then go for it, if it's good enough for Ms Beckham.... I went for a warm pink number from Next and I can tell you it worked a treat amongst the sea of grey and navy amongst my more corporate gigs. You can see it in my last blog as linked in the colour section above.

Listen to your inner style voice though and respect what you feel comfortable in, so if you are a bit of a dramatic, then you'll be fine in a bright. If you are a little more classic in disposition, then maybe switch to a subtle print rather than something loud. As I always say, you should only wear your happy, your way but it's worth a refresh.


This should tick some boxes for those who want more bang for their buck. I think it's safe to say that this style comes in many varieties and lengths and you can go bold too should you want to. You can dress them up with heels and frocks or dress them down with jeans and flats, so they are hard working and stylish forever in my book.

The only thing I would say you have to look for , regarding fit, is the belt and fabric. If you're curvy with clear waist definition, a belt and lightweight fabric is fine. If you are less defined, then a stiffer fabric would fit and flatter much better and the belt can be optional.


Now this is definitely a blast from the past and one that can be welcomed with open arms, if you know how to work it. Now the above top, is a chambray version of the acid look effect, but you can apply it to jeans, denim jackets, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and much more. It doesn't have to be blue either, this denim can come in black and grey too and adds a little bit of a seasonal upgrade to your denim collection.


Now, I realise I've gone for a bright hue here, but you can go for whatever you like. The main point is that I find the sling-back a little more wearable than the on trend mule heels, this is partly because I personally feel much more secure with a strap when wearing heels, plus it totally flatters any ankle and calf combo even if you feel a little solid in that department. The low strap doesn't cut into the leg proportions nor does it strangle the ankle. Win win. I have recently purchased this colour and style shoe but have seen similar ones on the high street.


So, if you watched Little House on the Prairie, then you might get a general feeling to the look I'm trying to draw in your minds eye but obviously with a more modern day twist. It doesn't necessarily just mean ruffles, aprons, high necks and long skirts though, because you can extend this theme to prints, fabrics and other aspects that conjure up hazy summer days in flower filled fields and sultry evenings. Hello, gingham, hello broderie anglaise and floral cotton lovelies with a swishy feminine feel.

There still seems to be a splurge of midi lengths still the high street which often put people off, especially if you feel you may be on the short side to enjoy them. Well, my style view on this is that you can wear them if you keep the lines clean and the shoes simple and an open toe flat or heel gives you a bit more leg love. However, I've seen them worn with many a ballet, converse or loafer too and if you have a longer leg, then by all means bring on the short boot as seen above but opt for a shorter dress length than the midi.

For Autumn and Winter, you can definitely extend the dress's life with a knee length boot or cowboy style worn with opaques too, so definitely worth a look.

Granted, this is my whistle stop tour of the new season, but it's important to not get too distracted by all the glitz, glamour and mini trends but rather laser focus on the stuff you like and make them your own. Whether it's updating an old faithful that's bitten the moth dust, refreshing a few staples or adding a few newbies to the wardrobe mix, there are bits and bobs for all personalities. After all, it's how you wear them, what you put them with and how they make you feel that matters. So go fill your happy and start with a colour pop.....

Sara xxx

For further inspiration why not check out my Spring/Summer Trends 2019 Pinterest Board

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