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How To Create A Happier Wardrobe

Happy lady sitting in wardrobe
Does your wardrobe fill you with joy?

So then peeps, let's get a quick snapshot of where you're at with your wardrobe shall we....?

Are you honestly happy with your current wardrobe? If yes, thanks for reading and see you around. If the answer is maybe, then stay tuned for further tips for making it even better, or if you answered 'god no' then this post is definitely for you luv.

Ok, so if you're in need of a little assistance, let's identify what your current wardrobe foible is? Are you faced with any of the following common complaints? Just nod to yourself as you read the list....

  • Too cluttered

  • Disorganised

  • Sparse

  • Uninspiring or bland in colour

  • Stuff not worn

  • Tags still on

Well, it's important to note that your wardrobe is usually an insightful reflection of you right now because what you buy, wear and keep can tell someone like me a whole lot more about your relationship with yourself, your mindset and your personality. It can also indicate where you're experiencing challenges in your life.

Your wardrobe is indeed a private and sacred space that you tend to only share with loved ones you co-habit with and wouldn't normally dream of showcasing it to anyone outside of your circle.

Therefore, I feel it's my duty to give you my 5 steps to a happier, savvier working wardrobe from the comfort of your own home, should you wish to tackle it first hand.

STEP 1 - Wardrobe Synchronicity?

There are 5 wardrobe or style personalities that I use in my business to help give both myself and my clients a kind of blueprint to which we can both acknowledge and utilise a person's traits and clothing choices.

There's usually a dominant but they may switch around from work to social arenas and they certainly evolve through life and changes..

The 5 personalities are NATURAL, DRAMATIC, GAMINE, EXPRESSIVE and CLASSIC and I help you find out what your dominant one is here in What's Your Style Personality post.

However, for the point of this post you can look at the following exercise in order to get a good feel of your vibe, so that you can then go and see if your wardrobe relates.

Try this 3 word exercise to help get some snapshot clarity.

How'd it go? Could you see those words in your clothes, accessories and even jewellery?

Now, remember those 3 little words or write them down somewhere you can refer to them when you next shop for new stuff or try on outfits in the future. The clothes in your wardrobe should reflect those word nuggets and will help you wear your happy.

You can also use this exercise to think about your current work and social requirements to help feed into your authentic self . What elements could you tap into more?

What you wear can help translate your message via colour, pattern, shape, style and fit. So, is there anything missing? Maybe your sparse wardrobe is calling out for something? Write these words down too if you like.

STEP 2 - My Easy Sorting Process

Ok, so you're ready to get stuck into the nitty gritty of creating a happier wardrobe, so I want you to start thinking like Wonder Woman so that you can be brave and take no closet prisoners.

If you can, ask a trusted, honest friend or family member to help in person or via a video app . Alternatively, you can always ask me as I do virtual consultations as well as physical ones.

Take snapshots too where necessary because piccies can give you a few honest truths even if your mate is telling a few white ones to save your feelings.

You’ll need:

  • Shopping list and pen to write down anything you’re missing or want to replace.

  • Four bags. One for stuff to donate to charity, one for resale on eBay or other online marketplace, one for the bin itself and one for the dry cleaner/tailor/cobbler.

  • Wet wipes or a cloth and cleaner. What for? You’ll be surprised how much crud you’ll find in your nooks and crannies as well as the resident dust bunnies too .

Start with your wardrobe (or a drawer if you want to start small) and go through the items one at a time making the following 3 piles and please do them in the order I've shared. It's much easier on your mind-set and feelings this way, trust me.

Piles of Clothes Being Sorted
It's good to start small

Feel free to try things on again as you go, to remind you of fit and feelings. Don't be disheartened if they "no longer fill you with joy " as Marie Kondo would say and check out my helpful pointers for each pile process.

  1. DITCH THE NEGATIVE VIBES - Dislikes/Damaged/Well Worn/Doesn't Fit

  2. EMBRACE THE GOOD STUFF - Still Wears and Likes/Loves

  3. IFFY PILE – The Not So Sures and Can't Let Goes


I always start with this pile first because it's a great way to get that instant hit of smug and gratification when you can easily remove items that you don't like and see the free space forming! It's also great to see stuff going in the bag for the charity shop or the potential 'kerch-ing' of an Ebay sale.

If it's damaged bin it and if it was well worn but integral to other outfits, then pop on your shopping list as an item to replace.

Now, here's the sensitive one... If it doesn't fit please do not beat yourself up about it. Bodies change with age, lifestyle, events and health reasons and that is ok. Let it go luv! Share the love it gave you by passing onto someone else who will also look and feel gorgeous in it too. That space will be filled with something else that will make you feel and look great now, just as you are.

Mirror Work Meme, The Image Tree
Don't look backwards, you're not going that way


Now you've already made an impact it's a positive move to now look at what you DO HAVE that works and makes you feel good and builds up that confidence, plus it's fun.

These items are the backbone of your style and working wardrobe. Take a moment to really look at what's involved here because they will hold the key to not only your wardrobe personality but also your potential to building further outfits.

You can build a capsule around your favourite garments. What do they need to get even more wear? An accessory, a piece of outerwear or layer, or more separates to mix with?

Pick one item and brainstorm this... Why do you love it so much? Can you add other versions of it?

Wardrobe Loves Meme, The Image Tree
What are your wardrobe loves?

For further inspiration for outfits, take a patterned piece and look at the base colour from which you can mix a similar coloured separate with. However, if you want a bolder look, use one of the accent colours in the same pattern to work in an accessory without over doing it. Small tweaks tailor transformations and pull outfits together.


Ok, so here's the thing. For many years, I've found that this pile alone is what get's clients to contact me in the first place, for some professional help with their wardrobes, because here lies the crux of many an emotion and association, shopping habit and insecurity around body and mind.

It's the not knowing, the holding onto and the unhelpful behaviours we create when we look in the mirror.

When we learn to embrace ourselves as we are right now, then the pile is not so hard to sort through, but when we have a few lurking demons, it's not so easy to do.

So I want you to start today, with a clean slate and take a deep breath and let any current negative beliefs you hold about your current body shape and foibles, past looks and comparisons and focus on ALL that you are as a person.

Wardrobe Karma, The Image Tree
Get Your Wardrobe Karma in heck

That's your strengths, personality, family, passions, knowledge, skills, health and everything that you are grateful for right now....because you ARE GREATER THAN THE SUM OF YOUR PARTS! You are not defined solely by your weight, colour, looks, gender or age.

You got this now girlfriend, so work through the last pile of your iffy and not sures and be honest with yourself and let your trusted colleague guide you. Ask yourself the following if it helps:-

  • Why is it iffy? Is it the colour, the fit? It just doesn’t do it for you?

  • Do you have anything else to wear it with? Remember, any separates should work with at least two other items.

  • Are you EVER going to wear it?

  • Does it need tights, accessories or shoes to make it work? If so, add these to your list.

Try experimenting a little and put them on with something else and if you still aren’t persuaded, you’ll probably always feel like this so donate or resell.

If you’re keeping an item for sentimental reasons then ask yourself:

Is it taking up a lot of room? Could you vacuum pack it away and then in a year or so decide? Could you earn some money from it to make new memories?

If you're struggling to part with something, maybe take a piccie for old time sake or re-purpose it into something else. I've had clients who have crafty skills turn sequin skirts into clutch bags.

There will be things that might be in there and aren't worn a lot at the moment such as seasonal or occasional garments, which you can vacuum pack or move elsewhere for the time being, if you have the space. It just helps you see the wood for the trees.

STEP 3 - Simple Organisation

Righto, you can put all the stuff you've sorted back in the wardrobe now, but this time I want you to do so by grouping garment types and putting colours together. So tops together, dresses, jeans and so on and then see if you can sort those little groups further into colours.

This helps you see your things more easily and can help you make better decisions when you reach for outfits plus gaps will become apparent.

Wearing similar colours or tones together is very streamlining so sorting into colour will help you pair other items together and also make you see if you have a sea of black or whether you’re lacking in certain colours.

Be aware of anything that's delicate or has a potential snag issue. Sequins for example need social distancing from knits and silks etc or they’ll push and shove like toddlers in a ball pit and ruin the adjacent fabrics.  If you have to put them together then put a plastic cover over one of them.

If you love to keep the organisation flowing, a great way to see how your wardrobe works, is to hang them in backwards, so that every time you take something out and wear it, you put it back in the right way. Anything still hanging the wrong way round after a few months is clearly an item to be looked at as to it's purpose.

Speaking of hangers, knitwear needs to be on knitwear hangers (if you have room) or you can use those velvet coated ones with a soft curve. If not fold them neatly into drawers or wardrobe compartments. 

There is no place for wired hangers at all as they can totally ruin the shape of things and make ugly Dynasty-like shoulders lumps in the shoulder seams of many a fabric.

In fact if you have enough room I’d go for wooden ones but if your wardrobe is limited then the sturdier plastic ones are fine

Moths are not a nanna myth… I was absolutely horrified when my cashmere cardigan came out with Swiss cheese like holes, little buggers! So I was quick to invest in some moth deterrent wardrobe inserts but you can also use lavender or cedar essential oil on a porous piece of wood or cloth.

Please don't forget your shoes either girls as I'm quite aware that the bottom of ones wardrobe is often used to store our foot fancies.

I would certainly consider buying clear boxes or having a shoe bench/rail (if possible) to put your heels in and to save you getting down on your hands and knees and searching through the confused jumble of shoes like a tramp in a bin.  For knee boots, try putting in boot inserts to stop them flopping or a cheaper alternative.... cut up a pool noodle! Love a savvy hack.

Right then, I think that’s the majority covered.  So get cracking chuck! You can’t beat a bit of wardrobe love, and you’ll feel brilliant if you make a start or get it’s all sorted…

Please feel free to leave any comments and let me know how your wardrobe sorting went.

Thanks Sara x

If you would like to delve into a little more wardrobe love and tap into the roots of feeling better about yourself through an introduction to body positivity, then check out my Private Facebook Community for Mind Body & Wardrobe Freedom. Click the Image below...

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