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Get Your Party On! Xmas Outfit Inspirations

Get Your Party On. Christmas Outfit Inspirations, The Image Tree Blog
Time To Have Fun in Style - Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Festive Countdown Greetings To You All ..

Now I don't know about you but I intend to throw everything I've got at this Chrimbo after last years fiasco, what a sad time that was. Flippin' Covid can do one!

This time of year is an expensive one, I'm not going to lie, and I know you'll be busy sticking to your budget (or not) throwing wads of hard earned cash at various gifts for family and friends but please spare a thought for you and your wardrobe at this most busiest of times too. Do you or do you not have one fab outfit you can chuck on?.

What are you going to wear to THAT long overdue party or family food -fest?.. Aargh!!! I can't bare the thought of you getting the cold sweats when you open those wardrobe doors to a party wear tumbleweed an hour before the taxi.

Maybe you'll be turning up to your parent's house in the same bobbled reindeer jumper you've donned for the last 5 years,? Therefore, I'm going to offer you a holly branch of styling help and I'll even throw in a festive jumper for you.

You're Christmas cherub is here to throw you baubles of current festive finds (not affiliated) and shower you with gifts of inspirations to save you from your December party dowdiness. Heaven forbid!!

So, here are my TOP 5 POINTERS to consider in your outfit game....


Hoorah for sequins, ruffles and beading. No we're not making our own Xmas decorations, I'm talking the art of little details and clothing 'embellishments'. From fine knits with bejewelled details, ruffled or interesting necklines/collars to shunkly (is that a word?) sequinned skirts and luxe jackets , there's something for every taste whether full on or subtle.

The route you choose to take is down to your personal taste but I think that a simple adorned top goes well with a tailored separate in a more textured or patterned fabric whereas a glitzy dress takes less bling and hair can be simple.

Just don't try and outdo your Christmas tree, no one wants to be blinded by the dazzle.

Take heed though, don't put sparkly, metallic or embellishment on parts of the body you're not fond on as they do draw attention to them and certainly, fluid metallic or fine sequinned fabrics are not 'lumps and bumps' friendly. It's always better to flatter your form by skimming rather than sticking.

Anything highly reflective can increase the illusion of surface area you see, FYI they make things look bigger! This is great if you want to balance up proportions though, so if you're smaller up top than your bottom half, ( a pear shape) you can try sequins in a jacket or top and keep your lower half matt, darker and simple in silhouette.

If you do want to flaunt your assets use 'glitz and bling' to draw the eyes to them and you might even attract a few magpies in the process. So with crystals and gems you can look for them on trims to garments and bags alike.

Speaking of birds, feathers are massive and a lovely textural touch to your evening wear but I am always dubious about adding them to my practical wears because they just don't work well in our wet weather climate. Flat and soggy is not a good look I fear.


This seasons fabrics are luxurious and tactile making physical contact even more attractive,. Hello satin, leather and velvet... ooh er missus. For a bit of sex appeal there's satin a plenty in dress forms to blouses on the high street in dark hues as well as neutrals. brights, pastels and even snazzy prints.

If you're a bit scared of overkill do not fear, you can still show your party side in a shrug/bolero or with see-through details on tops and skirts. Lacey or chiffon sleeves are great camouflage for flesh rich upper arms provided they're not tight otherwise they'll look a bit strangled and not at all comfortable.

Leather is a great fabric to add structure and create a neat silhouette against floatier or more drapier garments. It's great for camouflaging lady wobbles too and I often like to tuck my tummy into a soft leather skirt plus, you can get many a textured print on a faux fabric too. Think crocodile or snake. To be honest, this year we have a plethora of the 'leather trouser' in all shapes and styles too.

Velvet can be super chic and looks 'amazeballs' and by no means `Austen Powers'. You can find it in dresses, tops or even trouser suits and worn with heels they can look the bees knees and it doesn't have to be black either.


If you have a penchant for print then you're in luck this Christmas and there is something for everyone. There's ditsy florals for the romantic types, rich plaids for the classics and punchy animal prints for the more dramatic, which are all gorgeous for parties in their own right.

Whatever print you choose, just check in with your proportions and scale because you want something that will flatter and follow your natural aesthetic. If you're quite tall and/or rock a larger frame, a bigger print will do wonders for the flattery factor, whereas if you're petite in stature and in frame, a smaller print will do the trick.

Also a good rule of thumb to remember is that the busier the print (less background colour showing) the more optically streamlining they can be. Your eyes don't stop anywhere so they just move up and down.


The bright and the bold are rife this holiday season, so seek out the fiery reds, pinks, oranges and yellows to lift your mood and merge with the cosy lights and warming festivities. These hues are easy to wear and you don't have to go full on head to toe, a little pop goes a long way.

If you're of a warmer skin tone and hair, look for the warmer richer tones (more yellow in them) and go lighter if you're pale and darker if you're deeper in skin colour. If you're cooler, the same principle applies but obviously the colours will be cooler in tone i.e they have a bluey tinge to them.

However, fear not if you slide more to the pale and peachy, because there's the lighter versions and you can easily pair camel or red accessories with it, yes you heard right.

The Autumnal classics of jewel like hues of emerald, burgundy and sapphire are still around if you want to inject a pop of comfortable colour but metallics are definitely the way to go if you want to give an instant edgy vibe. Silvers, pewters, golds and all things "shiny shiny" is easily pulled off in accessories if you're not feeling brave.


The key to finishing an outfit is in the accessories and this season we're seeing lots of ideas and inspirations from large earrings to cocktail rings.

Statement necklaces are still big news and they've gone all out, from the simple and artistic to the more ornate and layered and to be honest they all look great with simple garments and party hair dos.

If you've bought a backless dress then you need a ` backlace' yes it is a word and looks beautiful on a toned back. Don't go out googling the word, you can just flip a long necklace over and 'et voila'.

Feel free to bejewel your lustrous mane with neat ornate hair clips too or go for an updo if you're feeling Cinderella like, you can't beat a pile of coiffed loose curls which gives your earrings centre stage too.

Lastly, lets not forget our 'ickle tootsies' and of course our secret!!!! Well maybe mine anyway.

With any of the pointers we've mentioned so far whether fabric, colour or embellishment you can easily find some funky footwear that mirrors your personality. Even if you want to shy away from all the bling and sexiness, your accessories can be just the simple ticket to enjoy 'putting on the glitz'.

Statement shoes or those of a different colour to the rest of your outfit can make a regular outfit look edgy and you don't have to match your handbag either these days, but don't go overboard because remember, your face is much more beautiful than your feet.

Right then, that's a wrap for this year, so until next time... I wish you great tidings and oodles of festive hugs. Enjoy every minute expressing yourself because it's the best time to go for it and let your hair down.

Check out my Pinterest link for more top picks and outfit ideas.

Have a Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year!

Be Yourself, Be Fabulous and Be Safe.

Sara xxx

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