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Feel Trend Inspired This Autumn & Winter 2021/22

Feel trend inspired this autumn winter 2021 22, The image tree blog
Beautiful layering

If you're feeling a little peeved about the weather and the sudden change in what you're seemingly pulling out of your wardrobe every day, then you're not alone.

Having enjoyed my Summer and taken a well deserved break with the ole famalam, I do have to officially hang up my shorts and flip flops now and say farewell to the sweaty under boob and await the onslaught of cold hands and ruddy cheeks.

Don't get me wrong, I think I am one of the few people that do actually like the colder months, as a Christmas baby, and I do enjoy the darker nights with my cosy socks and fluffy knits.

I am an absolute lover of coats and boots and get excited about checking out my autumnal friends and giving them a de-fuzz or a polish (them not me), so you can see why the entrance of the fresh Autumn and Winter trends get me all in a tizz. Ooh new colours, new styles, new garments and new patterns to pick from, oh and yes knits, dresses and trousers are welcomed into the fold too.

The seasonal switcheroo, usually has me re-checking my current faves for fit, condition and wearability and then seeing if I need any newbs to replace stuff or re work things in a different way. I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion for the most part, but I do like to know what's out there, as I'm sure you do, which is why, once again, I'm here to share you with you my TOP PICKS of the wearable and more purse savvy of this season's trends.

Knitwear and Checks, Feel Trend Inspired This Autumn and Winter 2021/22, The Image Tree Blog
Mix Up Your Colours, Fabrics and Prints This Season

You never need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul by any stretch, in my eyes, as trends are always on a repeat cycle which leaves you great scope to mix things up and reintroduce to the odd updated purchase if needed. Whoop whoop, sustainability and cost per wear...yes please.

So without further ado, let's have a look at what the high street and online fashion retail has to offer this season and see what floats your boat, or not.


In my experience of writing about the Autumn and Winter key trends over the last 8 years, colours have usually been cosier, deeper and richer than their fair weather options of Spring and Summer, but this time things are a little different.

This is probably because of the 'shit storm' we've all had to endure over the last 20 months and so the role out of bright and the bold continues to stay strong and feed our sense of much needed positivity into the darker months ahead. Thank God!

Therefore, as it gets colder there will be loads of offerings to satisfy your knitwear and layering needs as well as a plethora of punchy hues for those office parties and festive gatherings. The key is to tap into the colours you're most drawn to and that give you that "happy feeling" to keep you going and master that 'dopamine dressing' effect.

What colour lovelies are sitting on the rails or calling your name today? What does your closet need?

If you have been blessed with knowing your colour direction via the gift of Colour Analysis (ahem, which I offer wink wink), you'll be quickly drawn to colours which promote your natural gorgeousness too. Win , win.

This season, my money is on anything bold, orange being the most pop-tastic when it comes to accent colours. Whether it's a rusty hue or zesty tangerine-esque that draws you, don't be put off by it's bold vibe. Just because you haven't embraced it before, doesn't mean that it won't be welcome in your wardrobe as it can pair up beautifully with loads of wardrobe staples trust me and it doesn't have to be full on.

Orange and Grey, Feel Trend Inspired This Autumn and Winter 2021/22, The Image Tree Blog
Massimo Dutti Does It Subtly | Muted Tones

A cheeky clutch or a fabulous earring set might be the most practical nod and I reckon most would welcome this cheery hue if it's part of a print or is mixed with a trusty neutral such as grey, navy, brown and green.

The secret is to mix it with a colour from the same family of characteristics, so look at the depth, undertone and clarity of your orange and work with it.

For a safer neutral and colour mixing palette look for camel and white to spin up your look and pop in a bright or print to liven things up. Plus, pastels still remain strong, so a lovely knit or floaty fabric in a pale green or lilac, will blend beautifully too and add a little lightness to the darker days. So feel free to mix it up.

Once again we can rely on the seasonal and festive red, in many varieties, from the dark to the bright and they will be happy displayed in plaids to leather and cashmere to chiffon, so rouge it up.

Ooh and if red is too much for you, try a less assertive pink to make a statement. It may not be a Pantone fave but I've seen it all over the catwalk reviews and in social media inspiritor outfits.

In summary, there is really no end to the options of colour mixing out there and you can go safe or try new things... the world is your oyster...


Well I'm happy to share with you that despite the usual ridiculous and unwearable , there are trends this season that are simple, sensible and comfortably relatable, in some form or another.

As we all know, the fashion houses take bygone looks as inspirations and often go a bit crazy by putting edgy unwearable twists on them, but we don't have to worry about that here because we can just pick out the simple stuff we like together and take inspiration. So let' s look at a few that I think are doable shall we....

  • The Great Outdoors

So this is definitely a mix of the classic with the natural style personality. I'm seeing fair-isle and lozenge knits, dark denim, knee boots, neat quilting and plaid galore, are you with me so far? The key to this trend is lovely soft layering with fabrics that ooze sophistication and easy dressing.

It's all about the knitwear this season in all manner of garments. Fine knitted tank tops over shirts and buttery soft cable twin sets are but a few suggestions and there is still a bit of comfy leisure wear going on here with a fair-isle vibe and stripes galore in the sweater department , as well as an influx of knitted dresses. Very down to earth dressing.

You can go oversized in the jumper department if you don't want to conform, or go for a cape like coat, or blanket wrap, when it gets colder. Provided you keep the lower half neat to balance things out, eg. leather skirt or tailored trouser/jeans, all will be well in the proportions department.

Still on the outdoorsy practical vibe, I want to give a quick mention to the military inspiration which can be neat and dressy in the buttoned tailored jacket sense or more of a fun nod to the faux fur linings and camouflage print offerings. Either way, choose one piece to make your personality statement shine.

Wide leg trousers and this season's more 'relaxed fit' jeans work great too with the relaxed genre. You just flip the proportions in the same manner by keeping the top half simple and neat instead. Turtle or polo necks anyone?

  • Pretty Winter

Speaking of floral, here's something for all you ladies that are romantic at heart because fashion seems to have taken a few pointers from the 'Bridgerton' series. This look cleverly embraces a bit of the past with the current . Think long and sweeping empire style dresses either with interesting sleeve action or in prints that are ditsy and a bit cottage-core.. a 'Laura Ashley-esque' look to them.

Lacey or interesting collars add a lovely feminine feel to a top, shirt or dress and look great if you can layer them too. I would suggest investing in a detachable collar too to get a little more wear from your current tops, knitwear and more. Give them a new lease of life.

If you're wanting a less busy look, then dresses, such as the button down or wrap style are still here and will do the same job nicely in a block colour or quieter print. All of which will work well with layers, knee boots, bright heels or even converse.

Fish out your leather biker jackets and neat longer coats too, especially the trusty trench.

I noticed other small chevron and diamond patterns, akin to an argyle were also prevalent in delicate knits and on blouses paired with light pleated skirts.

Definitely worth dipping in your toes if you like a boot and a bit of a swish. plus a sexy bit of sheer panelling and interesting necklines gives even more scope for evenings. There is a lot of talk about feathers and long tassels but I've kept them out the loop because they're just not practical and will either get soggy or tangle you up.

Give your workwear some love too because we still have the trouser suit and the staple blazer, but this time why not add colour, checks or go dramatic with your separates, especially in the blouse department.

  • Party Girl

Now if you love a texture you're in here, whether it's a smooth leather or a bit of cosy fluff or velvet you like, or maybe enjoy a sparkly crystal or edgy tassel, with any pop of a bright colour to boot, then this is definitely for you. The fabrics are interesting and there are sequins and metallic hits galore for both nights and days.

The Y2K era is particularly rife here for outfit inspirations, making bra tops a staple. However, as a forty something dresser, I'll be leaving those in the noughties with their baggy leisurewear friends.

To avoid blinding everyone with full beam glitz though , I would embrace the 'party' look by wearing a punchy piece of what you fancy, to make your statement. Pairing an interesting texture or printed piece with simple or neutral garments really is easy to do and creates such a great look. So work around a wardrobe hero.

You could even go a little bit 'ooh missus' with a simple cut-out piece that shows a bit of shoulder or skin section for a sexy but chic look.

Leopard print is mahoosive (again) mainly because it adds drama, but to be honest, you can't go wrong with any flavour of animal print this season, You'll find it literally on anything and it doesn't have to be in nature's palette either, it can be as interesting as you like.

Footwear Friends

Ooh I love a boot and you can't beat that snug warm feeling of comfort and footwear chic, especially when this season has some seriously practical styles to choose from from hiking style to riding boot.

The main emphasis however, seems to be the chunky sole, whether laced like a Dr Marten boot or more formal like an oxford shoe, it's popular in just about every style of boot, trainer or slip on.

Evening heels, come mostly in a stiletto form as the noughties are celebrated, however, loafers are given block heels and the flatter styles of shoe still remain but with a retro pointy toe this time.

Also let's not forget the effective use of hosiery here, which is a useful shield from the nippy bite of Winter. Whether it's a brightly coloured, glittery or patterned pair, they are great for adding a little pizazz to your office party or festive outfit, and the knitted varieties are great with boots and shorter hems.

Bling & Bags

Animal print, animal print and more animal print. From snake to croc and leopard to zebra it's all there. I've mentioned it again in the accessory section because I know many think they're too dramatic and bar-maid like to be worn on clothing, but I think it can be worn as loudly or as quietly as you like. Bags and footwear are therefore a great chance to cut your teeth a little.

Top handle bags and the classic tote are strong in the style stakes and any piece bearing a padlock or chain will definitely ding the stylista bell this season. If you want a little clutch to add drama to your evening outfit, then go for the beaded, sequined or metallic variety.

In the jewellery department, it's all about colour, mixed materials and sparkle.

From neon to pastel, you can go coloured enamel to a beaded frenzy on your ears, round your neck and on your wrists, but what particularly caught my eye was the return of the cocktail ring. The quirkier the better. Woohoo! Love em.

Chokers are not for the faint hearted this time, going big and chunky with the chain or pearl seems popular. I love a statement chain myself so happy about that.

If you're not a big statement jewellery lover though, then try a bit of easy bling in your hair instead with a barrette, they are an easy addition to most styles.

Plus, for the more subtle necklace lover, personalisation is big news, meaning initials, charms, star signs and birthstones are in stores from now on.

Righto, so I've taken just a couple of stand out styling looks and inspirations from the huge array of catwalk offerings and absorbed the stylista's and frow's dissections of the new season but, sometimes all you need is a cheat sheet.

You know the items that will easily update your wardrobe or add a little smug smile when you wear them. So as usual I've picked out a few pocket friendly garments that will last you til it gets warm again and will no doubt give you oodles of wear.

My 5 Key Pieces

It's been tough one but here's my picks... All of which I reckon will appeal to the different style and wardrobe personalities out there.

  • Metallic Flats

  • Statement Blazer

  • Knitted Dress

  • Relaxed Fit Indigo Denim

  • Statement Chains

Okay, I'm going to leave it there now on this whistle stop tour of seasonal styling because my fingers are seizing up and my brain is already making me a shopping list of wardrobe additions. Must.... resist the urge.... !

I hope at least one item, style inspiration or colour inkling has given you the urge to start searching for one online upgrade or wardrobe gap and I wish you well on your new retail journey. Be savvy, try new things and always wear your happy.

Peace out... Sara xx

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