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Don't Give Yourself a Bum Deal

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Photo by Fanny Gustafsson on Unsplash

So, the inspiration behind writing this particular post came to me after visiting a good friend and colleague to discuss our Capture Confidence experience over her home made lemon drizzle and a strong Italian..(coffee that is, not a man... mores the pity).

Anyhoo, after I'd got up to leave and headed towards the door... I heard a sudden gush of words behind me of "ooh I love those jeans, your bum looks great in them"...

Obviously, I said thank you graciously but also smiled smugly, because despite having some jeans that are fairly dear, these bad boys were an absolute steal after busting the zip on my last pair whilst en-route to a client.

Needless to say, a spilling of flesh rich lower tum and a showing of bright pink "pantage" had not been a professional look, so, I had gone into panic mode and dashed into the nearest supermarket (Asda in this case) to find and pick up the nearest pair resembling the ones in current distress.

I kid you not, they were £14 at the time and had a pretty good fit for the price (go a size smaller for future fit), with no knee bagging to report (as of yet). So you can imagine that my current mood resembled that of the model wearing them below...... that's my face there... #SmugAs

By the way, this is not an affiliate link and I'm not suggesting cheap is always best , just happy to share a good budget gem.

Asda Straight Leg Jeans, Dont give yourself a bum deal, the image tree blog
Cheap as Chips but a Great Fit

Image ref: George Straight Leg Jeans

To cut to the chase then, I felt it prompted me to further discuss, plus hopefully kill two birds with one stone, honouring the bum and also the holy grail...a good fitting pair of jeans to cup those cheeks beautifully.


Your bottom makes up your body's most powerful group of muscles, which includes the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Hang on are they gladiators?

It’s your in built cushion for a comfy sit and its peachy anthropological evolution allowed us to become upright, walk the shops and run for the bus.

The fleshy distribution may have something to do with particular hormones etc. which is why we gals tend to have more junk in our trunk than the chaps and I’m pretty sure I read in some scientific type magazine, that they found bigger bottoms to be conducive to a higher intellect... Or have I just made that up?

Anyhoo, whatever butt type you’re sporting, know that it is just the right one for you and has no need for liposuction, a Brazilian lift here or an implant there and no amount of twerking will make it any more attractive than it already is.

So, let's get straight in with the nitty gritty with the help of my practical knowledge and that of my friend, fellow stylista and my go to 'Jeans Queen' Sally Longden from Stick & Ribbon in Nottingham.

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Give Your Bum Some Style Love


  • Dark hues are considered to be more flattering as well as being more versatile but don’t just choose black, instead consider any deeper matte coloured fabric or print. Black jeans go with lots of things, but also consider the indigo wash if you feel you want a little . confidence.

  • Look for brands that use clever lift, shape or sculpt technology in their designs if you want to add oomph to your behind, some even help with your tummy support too. Check out NYDJ, Salsa Jeans or Shape & Sculpt at JD Williams.

  • High sitting back pockets are a great stylist tip for optically drawing the eye-line up and inwards, which makes for a perkier bottom, if that's your thang. The size of the pocket is determined by the scale of your bum, so a juicier bum will benefit from a larger pocket than a smaller derriere and if the pockets are set at an angle, even better.

Sally also adds here that "if you have wider hips than shoulders..Beware of small pockets, pocket-less jeans and pockets placed too wide apart.  All of these will make your hips look wider".

  • It’s all in the yoke...

The Yoke On Jeans meme, dont give yourself a bum deal, the image tree blog
The Yoke is Your New Best Friend

The yoke is the seam that sits below the waistband but above the pockets and the type of yoke on the jeans can make a major difference in the bum flattery department. For instance, see this handy Pin from the experts at WhoWhatWear

Sally also confirms that "finding the right back yoke can create illusions, which used on the right body, does enhance the appearance of your bum!    Plus, the " V-shape yoke" is the most widely used and the most useful for your beautiful cheekage oh, and to "beware of a straight yoke as this will make your waist appear broader and minimise your curves".


The good ole jean is over 200 years old and their versatility is second to none, with such a myriad of styles and colours, they can be dressed up or down in many ways. They really are a wardrobe staple and can be enjoyed by young and old.

  • Sizing

Jean sizing is not universal, different brands offer different fits and the sizing can vary dramatically but it doesn't have to be a mind field....

A variety of Denim Jeans, dont give yourself a bum deal, the image tree blog
Jeans come in all shapes and sizes

Sally wisely suggests here that "if you have a pair of jeans which fits you well, take all the key measurements - that's the inside leg, the rise (from crotch to waistband) and the waist measurement.  Keep these handy and take your tape measure with you when you are out jeans shopping.  That way you can try and get the closest measurements to your favourite pair"!

  • A few more pointers I'd recommend are:-

When you’re trying on jeans, there shouldn’t be any MC Hammer crotches going on. Any grab room means they’re no good and aren’t a good fit. Remember, jeans loosen with wear.

The same snug fit applies to the waistband, if you can fit two fingers firmly down the back that’s a good sign, whereas your whole hand is flippin not.

A looser fit all round, may feel appealing in the comfort stakes but this is a big no-no when shopping for jeans because they should fit snugly when new. Also, if they’re a bit generous when you try them on in the changing room, chances are they will become way too big when you’ve been wearing and washing them a bit.

Also, don't laugh but this works.... hold the jeans at each end of the waistband and then wrap them around your neck, if the edges meet happily without pulling them together they're worth trying on in the changing room. If they don't meet they're too small and if they overlap, they'll probably be too big. Try it.

Jeans and Waistbands, dont give yourself a bum deal, the image tree blog
The Right Fit is Key
  • Denim Quality

When it comes to the stretchy more curve loving denims, you’re going to want a jean that snaps back into shape and doesn’t bag behind the knees after a few wears, so I’ve always tended to look for anything with a bit of Elastane in them. On researching the ideal mix it seems to be anything between 2-5% Elastane is favoured amongst the jean enthusiasts.