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Sophie's Seasonal Beauty Update.

A Seasonal Beauty Update
Update Your Make-Up Bag

A new season, means a new change and whether its within your makeup bags or in your skincare routine, there is always something you can adapt for your personal reflections or for keeping up with the trends of the season.

It’s important to alter a routine seasonally as your skin changes with the weather and may also require toning and adaptation to perhaps losing a tan or getting a breakout.

It’s a myth that our skin gets used to a product and so paired with that amazing change you see when you start using a fab new product, change is a good feeling for yourself and your looks.

With that in mind, I’m here to help and advise you on the new Autumn makeup and skincare trends, colours and products I've seen, launched for the season.

First let’s start with Skin!

Your skincare routine should already consist of the original 4 products you use every day and night.....Cleanser, Toner/Serum, Moisturiser and a good makeup remover! Keep the routine the same, we just want to alter and/or add to our favourite products. Here's some key picks from the beauty shelves:

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash
Glycolic Acid and Peptides

Look out for Glycolic Acid in your skincare buys. This is mainly found in peels/toners and this ingredient acts as a gentle exfoliant without the use of harsh beads. It’s a liquid that you just wipe over the skin and can help amazingly with blemish prone and uneven skin tones.

Peptides are the new must have ingredient that you want to look for in your creams. It’s a cell-boosting friend that maintains the skins elasticity to keep us looking youthful and are slowly being incorporated into anti-ageing creams, so once you start using these little skin boosters, keep it consistent.

Face sheets are the new face masks but 10x more powerful.

Usually face sheets contain a full amount of bottled serum in one sheet, which absorbs into your skin quickly, letting the goodness instantly treat the skin. They are basically a paper mask with holes to fit tight onto the face – but they do make you look like you’ve come out of a horror film.

Many brands are now doing different treatment solution packs, which contain other ingredients too e.g. Hyaluronic Acids, Vitamin C boosting formulas and many more. Charlotte Tilbury and the likes of Garnier have them out too.

Microneedling is a new salon service and now also comes as an "at home tool" that you can get your hands on. This is an invention (derma roller) to fully resurface the skin, by breaking the top layer using the mini needles on the tip of the roller to boost blood flow and collagen, which automatically forces our skin to repair at a faster speed, meaning a slower rate of ageing process.

Sounds scary but well worth it at the same time!

Last but not least the popular Crystal Rollers are taking over the social media storm and people want to get their hands on their Jade/Rose Quartz face roller. These can be kept in the fridge to keep the crystals cool and are ready to roll onto the skin after applying skincare products. Created to reduce puffy, inflamed skin and smooth blood flow and circulation, they will do so with every sweeping massage of the cool refreshing roller, not to mention preaching our love of blingy crystals.

After all these new and exciting skincare products and ingredients that we may want to add to our routines, lets talk makeup trends and colours for the autumn season.

Seasonal Make up Picks

Scarlet Red Lips are back for the cooler season to warm up our glow and add some colour into the darker months. These scarlet shades are created with orange undertones which can really brighten and lift our looks.

Winged Liner is also back and being used to elongate the eye with a catflick with black matte liners.

Winged liner
Get Your Wing On

Smokey eyes are getting a slight change this season as we're turning them upside down and going for the Lower Lash Line Smoke – this is where you smudge your pencil liner under the lower lashes for an on trend smokey eye and the catwalks and media are loving the browns.

They are finally making eye makeup really simple and easy with One Tone Eyeshadows!! This means no more blending various shades, just chocolate browns all over the eyelid for an effortless look.

Matte Skin is king... who’d have thought we would be ditching the glow this soon and finding its time to add the powders back into our makeup bags. It's important to keep our skin hydrated with creams and using matte foundations on top to get the flawless dreamy skin look.

We're also throwing it back to 70’s Style Eyes, with cool plum shades, mauves and yellow golds on the eye centres and kind of mixing it in with our one tone eyeshadow trend keeping it simple but with a pop of colour.

But best of all, we can all glam up with the Glitter trend! A dusting of your favourite loose glitters mainly for the eye lid or inner corner of the eye, or even a sprinkle on the top of the cheekbones; it’s a showstopper for your autumn/winter nights out. I love Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in Blaze or MAC's Tan Pigment.

Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow

Is Autumn the look for you?

Sound like your kind of style, or maybe somethings you would never even think of trying?

Well why not give your makeup and skincare bags the seasonal update and try something new, times have changed and our looks need to keep up.

Don’t get sucked into the 10 year beauty kit that you’ve had for far too long.

Autumn Make up Bag Must Haves

Download my Free Makeup Bag Revamp Guide to help switch up your bags.

My Exclusive Seasonal Makeup Lesson is also available to book if you would like more 1-1 guidance on your makeup look relating to the seasons trends.

See more information on my 1-1 Makeup Lessons at;

Beauty doesn’t have to be boring.

Love Sophie x


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