• Sara Marsden-Shreeve

Hello Autumn, Hello Winter. It's New Trends Time!

Autumn Winter 2018 Fashion Trends | The Image Tree
Brights are Back

It's the ole fashion season "switch-er-roo" time again, from the summery to the snugglier stuff and whether you're ready or not, it's always fun to find out what's hot and what's not, from the sublime to the ridiculous and then well....wear you're own thing anyway? On the other hand, like me, you may want to inject a few new lovelies into your wardrobe, for all those shindigs you're going to be invited to (ahem, yes I am), or update an overly loved and abused staple that's still clinging to the hanger with all it's bobbles and shiny patches...bless.

As usual, I've picked through the unwearable and downright stupid to present to you a lowdown of the good stuff for us savvy shoppers and cost per wear lovers to get more bang for your buck and see you through to Spring and Summer 2019.

So without further ado, I present to you my top picks.....

Colour -Fest

Ooh there's lots of brights to get your teeth into if you like a statement colour pop or want to try new mixes in your outfits. Green is taking centre stage this season, from the vivid primary to the deep and mysterious and would make a great staple in a winter coat or quirky knit. There's also the popular pinks, purples, deep reds and blues that seem to swamp the festive season in rich luxe fabrics such as satin and velvets, however, pastel blue is making a strong run in the suit and separates departments, who'd have thought. Love the edgy take on the power dressing here.

Don't worry though if you're sweating at the thought of pulling off all this colour because there is always a route for the neutral lovers and classic followers and this season it takes the form of beautiful browns. There's no boredom of beige here though because the choices are rich, from caramels to toffees and tans to tobaccos, just think chocolate heaven and werthers originals... nom nom. These staple lovelies can be mixed surprisingly well with yellow ochres, oranges, purples and blues, yes indeed, so get out your denims and soft knits and get comfy.

Silver is once again the metallic lovers choice and remains steadfast well into spring, so look for it in jewellery and accessories if you're not into the tinfoil coats and shiny fabrics.

Pantone Autumn 2018/19

Image ref: Pinterest image Blog.kukka.nl

Pattern Privy

Yes, my friends, all things checked, plaid, tartan and tweed are here to still here (was popular this time last year) so you may well have something still lurking in your wardrobe. It doesn't matter what the colour or pattern is so you can go 'freelance' here and work it into blazers, macs, coats, trousers or skirts whoopee.

Plaid Trend 2018

Image ref: Pinterest

If you were a fan of Bet Lynch, you're in! Animal prints, particularly leopard print is frickin rampant this season but other fauna is being celebrated too from the snake and croc to the cow and zebra, so get back to nature and pop some faux in your wardrobe or accessorise darling. Personally, I find less is usually more with this kind of trend, so just one piece does the trick else you'll be getting signed up for Lion King productions.

Animal Print Trend 2018

Image ref: Trendbridged.com; Pinterest

If your tastes are a little more flora, then the dark and rich botanical prints might be more up your street for the dress department. I saw many a ditsy flower or dramatic bloom, in my digging, on black and other dark coloured backgrounds mainly and was seen on skirts and trousers too ,which gave the usual upbeat boho theme a little more mystery,. Always a bit more sexy, I think, for winter drinkies in snug little corners with your beau.

Dark floral trend 2018

Image Ref; GalMeetsGlam; Pinterest

For the more dramatic and funky types, graffiti and graphic prints make an entrance on jumpers, so festive jumpers can now be a positive talking point, whereas stripes head for the trouser department and spots are pretty much a free for all. So you see there really is something for everyone.

Look Book

With patterns leading the way with themes of country royals, safari adventures and gothic floral boho then, I reckon it would be prudent to note that despite all this, the neat and the tailored still exist albeit in bolder colour blocks and with a looser fit (jeans mostly) and seen particularly in the comeback of the trouser suit, which is a welcomed addition to the usual office/work servings.

coloured suits fall 2018

Image ref; GabiFresh.com;Pinterest

On the whole, the hemlines seem to be hanging around the midi length, shoulders are still being exposed and necklines remain high for the time being but obviously this is just my observations and any deviation is totally yours for the tweaking. As you may realise from my previous ramblings, fashion and trends are not written to be followed to the 't', rather just there for our enjoyment and to help us choose from the plethora of choice... make it your own if you wish.

It's the Little Things

Ah the hard working accessory, whether it be a clutch, a shoe or a necklace, they are the lynch pins to any outfit and can work magic on the simplest of outfits, whether you want to look dressed down or pimped up.

This season they are fun, friendly and practical (for the most part) and can be worked into your seasonal separates. Let's start with bags.... well they range from the small and structured to fluffy and slouchy with a questionable but useful 'bumbag' revival thrown in for good measure. However, I really struggle with this one on a styling level, personally, due to them being synonymous with the "car booter", no offence implied, I love a good root about as much as the next person, but they just don't do it for me..... "pair of ski boots or a sandwich toaster anyone"?

Seriously though, footwear has gone all sensible with rigid soles and block heels and the cowboy boot is back and the tall boot has gone slouchy, which bodes well for a better fit around the ole shapely calves. If you want to add some sparkle though, then crystals, sequins and embellished twinkling is rife and sure to add the Cinderella touch to any shoe, flat or high.

crystal power

Image Ref; Destiny embellished shoe; Coast

If you love a scarf, I know I do, then get rifling through your drawers for a little silk number and tie it to your bags, round your neck or on your head and you'll be on trend and updated in no time. Love the little things don't you? Speaking of little, there's not much room for studs and tiny gems this season in the ear bling department, it's go big or go home, as statement earrings and blingy hair clips are here to stay and ooh they do add a lovely focal point to your flowy or chopped mane and beaut faces.

Top of the Picks

Ok, so I've blasted through the look, feely bits and extras, but what about the main pieces and themes Sara, I hear you say? What should I invest my hard earned dosh into for Autumn and Winter? Well fear not, I have once again picked out what I believe to be the best pieces to look out for until Spring.

* Blankets for Coats - Whether it's a checked cape, printed pashmina or a fluffy rug, if you can arrange it chicly over your outfit, then it's as easy as that. Outerwear is going snuggly and fluid for the cold snaps plus, they add an extra touch to your trench or winter coat and taps into the layering look trend.

Image ref; Fabulousafterforty; Pinterest

* Slouchy Boots - Ooh get your skinnies tucked in or wear with opaque tights and long dresses. They look fabulous and come in all sorts of lengths and heels.