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Sophie's Summer Make-Up Tips

Summer Make Up Tips
Time to Get Your Summer Face On

Welcome ladies, Sophie Downing here, Professional Make Up Artist and The Image Tree friend and collaborator. I'm here to give you my glorious guide to refreshing your face and upping the ante on your make up look this season.

We all get so excited for Summer, especially us British, who feel like we spend most of our time wrapping up to keep warm through the long Winter and colder days of Spring. Only to be further confused by sporadic downpours and dreary weather amongst the odd hot spells of Summer. Anyhoo, let's embrace the seasons, even if the weather doesn't always look or feel summery and big up those glorious days of sunshine where we can.

Of course, we can dress up incorporating summer colours, clothes and patterns so why not brighten up our makeup and treat our skin to looking more radiant and glowing too!

I'm going to guide you through turning your every day make up routine into a summer popping, fun (but tamed) make up look.

Firstly let me explain the seasons… Our skin tone and texture changes at least 4 times a year!! You at least need to be switching up your SKINCARE routine 4 times as well. The weather and the seasons may not go hand in hand but our skin thrives off change as it's not always happy when it uses the same products for years. It knows and it decides not to play. You need to be updating your skin with at least what the season is telling you to, or even better… What your skin is asking for.

Summer is the month where our skin wants SPF, glow boosting serums, cooling face mists, hydrating oils, Vitamin D (food and products) and very importantly… exfoliation! Be sure to switch up or add these products into your Summer skincare, and you can thank me later.

Make-Up Bag Contents
Be Sun Safe with your Make Up

Onto the makeup… Put away the smoky eyes, think brightening colours and radiance. First off, a great way to incorporate radiance is to add a glowing primer to your make up bags. A glow primer would boost the radiance under your make up and give your skin the look of a natural glow. I love PUR Primers.

Switch your thick foundation to a tinted moisturiser or a light weight foundation. This will prevent make up sitting in any lines and would actually make you look younger, instead of covering everything with high coverage. Leave this to your concealer if you have anything to hide. I love Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser or YSL Touche Eclat Foundation for a slight coverage with a glow.

Wait, don't use your base under your eyes, instead invest in a purpose under eye concealer to cover up any dark circles, brighten the eye area and even reduce/prevent wrinkles with my favourite 'Guerlain Precious Light'. This does all of the above leaving your eyes looking bright and beautiful.

The biggest "myth" I have heard… 'Don't use shimmer on the eyes', is totally untrue. NEVER follow this advice, shimmer is the most flattering product to use on the eye lids as you get older - it's glitter you need to avoid.

These effects are different as glitter is a grainy product whereas a shimmer is a hint of sparkle that reflects the light. So invest in NYX Lid Lingerie in a soft pink or bronze depending on your eye colour.

For further help why not purchase my Eye Colour Make up Guide to discover your perfect eye makeup colours personalised to yours…

Flattering Make Up defines Features

Going into the summer season we find brown liner is a massive trend, so smudge this along your top lash line, or for those with large eyes, use this in your water line - this will also add a smoky feel without being too dark. Perfect for an on-trend summer occasion.

Forget contouring, as we mature your skin loses elasticity so adding contoured cheeks can only make you look gaunt, instead we want summer flushed pink cheeks for this seasons summer trends. Don't be afraid of pinks, there are certain tones for each skin tone - Hourglass Ambient Blush have a range of shades which come with multiple tones in one blush also with a highlighting sheen. We want the highlight to bring out those cheeks this summer.

Don't forget about the BROWS, we tend to wear less brow product as we mature and I am not encouraging you to get drawing them on, I'm talking about Brow Mascara which you comb through your brows adding a tint and texture to the hairs, to give the most natural shape and effect to the entire face, see your face transform.

Shaped Eyebrows
Treat Your Brows To Some Shaping Love

Last but not least add a pop of colour to your lips! Raspberry and Cherry are the go-to colours this season, and these are the best shades for mature ladies. My top tip is to apply these lip colours with your fingers. By blotting on the colour it will give you a perfect lip shade, looking soft and sophisticated with a hint of sex appeal.

Your face and makeup bags are now summer ready! For more advice, tips and personalisation check my website for 1:1 Makeup Lessons Or follow me on Social Media to keep up to date with everything Makeup and Beauty. @makeupbysophiedowning For any questions or enquires, feel free to email me at

Love Sophie x

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