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Feeling The Winter Blues?

Feeling The Winter Blues Blog | The Image Tree
Don't let the dreary weather get you down.

Most of the women I’ve spoken to thus far, have all felt quite fuzzy and lethargic since the New Year, even the ones who are usually quite perky. Well fear not if that's you because it's quite a common thing and many people feel like they’re still not quite ready for the year ahead and maybe still clinging onto hibernation mode a little longer.

To add insult to injury, there’s the cold snap, the annual nonsense of making resolutions and the pressure to plan, plan, plan in the world of business, plus, thanks to the national papers, “What the hell is Blue Monday (18th January) all about”? Yeah, thanks for that, just what we needed… another marked reminder with it's own day and title .."the gloomiest day."

Anyhoo, despite all this, I have tried to lever in a few positive practices to my weeks in order to lift my spirits, since I am a Confidence and Holistic Stylista too, one must practice what one preaches.

My positive tweak-age includes rubbing myself down with essential oils, mineral salt baths, drinking loose flower/fruit teas, any kind of movement and more meditation.

Yes I know it all sounds hippy to some of you (I love the holistic) but I can assure you, it works a treat, though I’m still not convinced going totally "dry" just yet is the right thing, I’m going for February, a much shorter month, (mwah, mwah, evil laugh).


I think it’s really helpful in these Winter months, prone to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), to give yourself extra love with no strict rules in sight and so I’m here to simply plant some seeds of possibility and positivity for you to consider. That’s all, strictly non preachy.

I’m sure we’ll all come out the other side and I'm seriously thinking about making February THE start of the year without confusion, guilt or lethargy. Let’s just pass through the void of January and enjoy the onset of longer days, winter sunshine and the buds of Spring shall we? Here are some more things to consider to ease these so called ‘blues’ in the meantime.



If you did make a New Year’s Resolution and have already strayed off the path, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world, instead decide to take ONE small positive aspect of it that you can do easily and start with that.

Chunk big things into bite size ones and you’ll get there a whole lot quicker without the pressure and feelings of failure. For example, "I am not going to eat chocolate this month" can be downsized into… "I am just going to save my chocolate until the weekend and can enjoy it then, sensibly lol".

Going cold turkey isn’t always the best way. It’ll only end up in (chocolate smudged) tears. Alternatively, try a healthier version or get yourself booked onto a virtual Raw Chocolate Workshop .

Christmas Guilt

You may feel you've put weight on over Christmas. So? You enjoyed yourself didn’t you? A time for friends, family and fun without worrying about calories (yawn), lack of exercise (lifting a glass doesn’t count) and over indulgence.

To be honest, it’s probably only you that’s noticed because everyone else is busy thinking the same thing about themselves. Chill girlfriend, Winter is a time we historically ate stodge to keep warm and when Spring comes we venture outside more and actually feel like eating salad and fruit so naturally we do feel inclined to eat lighter.

However, if your tighter pants are worrying you, take a few steps to improve your mind set/self-care, up your movement a bit by taking a leisurely walk and reduce something in your food or drink that's bothering you or just swap it for a better version. Little tweaks tailor transformations and you can always add more as you go. The key is to not give into the diet culture trap.


Night Time Torment

Getting more sleep or a better quality of sleep is THE Big one! Most of the time we decide when our bedtime is and it can be a routine or flexible in spirit. However, making sure we get enough sleep is dependent on our individual needs (6-10 hours) and is often reflected on how we feel the next morning.

I guess finding out what works for you is the key whether it be going to bed 30 mins earlier or waking up later can all help in the long run. I find , that a nice bit of lavender sleep spray or a relaxing concoction of oils in my diffuser/humidifier helps me drift off easier. Mine lights up in different colours so I switch it to red because I read somewhere that that can help bring on sleep too. Google it.

Red light helps sleep, The Image Tree Blog, Feeling the winter blues?
Red light means nighty night.

Also, mental chatter when trying to get to sleep is an issue and something I face often. However, I’ve found that by writing all my stuff down in a journal or on a piece of paper next to my bed, helps me get to sleep a lot quicker.

More often than not, when I come to read it again the next day, it’s either a load of old tosh and hormonal ramblings which I don’t need to worry about anymore because the feelings passed, or, it has gifted some golden Oprah-like nuggets of genius to work from. Win win really. Automatic writing right there!

You can now burst into song courtesy of Disney’s Frozen – “Let it Go”!


Happy Hour

Take time to do things that make you happy. If I asked you “What makes you genuinely happy?” Could you answer? If you could, then do more of it if you can. If you couldn’t answer or you don’t know, then organise, create or learn something that does instil a smile.

There really is no better time than now and it's better than putting your happiness on hold. Could’ve and should’ve are usually said in times of regret when it's passed. Book that treat in advance, speak to your friends or be more spiritual ...whatever it takes.

The Great Outdoors

Go outside. I can’t stress enough how nature and sunlight can help your mood, energy levels and overall feeling of groundedness. It’s beautiful, it’s free and it’s beneficial to your body and mind in so many ways. Look at how well Mr Titchmarsh and other outdoor peeps are ageing e.g. Charlie Dimmock, Chris Packham and Bear Grylls.

They haven’t looked any different for years! Vitamin D teamed with activity is king whereas sitting inside at home or at your desk for most of your day is not. You have breaks you know and the weekend to enjoy.

Head Space

Try to encourage yourself to take periods of quiet whether it be first thing in a morning before the bedlam, at lunchtimes, on breaks, in the evening or at bedtime. You can lock yourself in the bathroom, bedroom or car it doesn’t matter where.

All you need is a pause, quiet the mind and relax the body, that’s it. You can use a meditation app, have a bath, lie down, park up or simply take a pew in the loo. I know it’s really tough in our busy day to day lives with everything that's going on, but it really can make a mahoosive difference. Slow down.

Can’t think of a song, ooh no wait…. Despicable Me - “Because I’m Happy”


Colour Power

Colour your life and your wardrobe. You don’t need to don a technicolour dream coat or wear the whole Dulux Paint chart from head to toe, but you can add pops of mood lifting tones to your make-up, clothes, jewellery and accessories. Wear things that make you feel good peeps. Plug warning = I sell crystal jewellery in lovely colours too here

There is plenty of research surrounding colour's affects on our little brains in all genres from branding/marketing and interior design to our behaviours and beliefs, so slap some colour on your person and on your walls. I want to see rainbows darling. Psst, don't forget my Colour Confidence Service if you want some wardrobe colour love.

Colourful wardrobe | Colour Confidence |The Image Tree

Self Talk

Curb that little voice that sometimes says the negative stuff when you look in the mirror. For example, I look fat, old, unattractive etc. Please, if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. You ARE listening and it’s eating your self-confidence up at a speed of knots.

What you think is just YOUR belief, placed there by some idiot, media, event or memory and it isn’t based on fact! Rewind, delete and reprogram with better words and compliments and smile at the woman in the mirror.

Appreciation Society

Remember how amazing your body actually is. We spend so much time picking out and voicing what we don’t like about it, that we forget how fabulous it is. It’s strong, complex, self-healing, clever, beautiful and much more.

Just because we don’t look like our ideal doesn’t mean we’re worthless or even unattractive. Your personality, presence, talents, assets and minds are all part and parcel of being unique and indeed human, so comparing ourselves in just body, really isn’t worth bothering with.

You are more than the sum of your parts (famous quote said by someone). I do understand that society makes it difficult for us to become totally happy with ourselves but it’s worth considering giving it the bird.

Suggest doing the Wonder Woman Pose in times of need (hands crossed in front of your chest) or pretend your deflecting bullets. Many a public or office toilet mirror has seen my power! Lol.

Just Saying...

Now I know some of you will be saying, ooh you goody two shoes this is all obvious, I know all this already and yes, these things are all great in intention, but I haven’t got the time or the inkling.

Well you kinda have and you kinda can, if you really wanted to. You just have to decide whether it’s worth investing in to make your life happier, smoother and more relaxed. It’s a choice after all.

It’s all just about gentle nudges, planting seeds and pointing out the obvious from time to time, because the little stuff sometimes gets forgotten and we get periods of ‘blue’ whether it be January or June.

Ok, so...I’m offski now to do an oracle card and look for a TedTalk on Youtube to help kick my ass a bit. Bye for now

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Sara x

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