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Get Your New Season On Ladies!

Autumn Winter Trends

Sweet jeez what happened to Summer? One minute I was shaving my legs and airing vacuum packed kaftans and the next, searching for my warm coat and ironing school shirts!! Oh well, "tis what it is"! It was fun whilst it lasted and now it's time for the re-jig and refresh.

So as usual, I’ve done my homework over the holibobs by scouring the seasonal trends, reading the fashionista predictions and then well….. Ignoring the stupid (giant duvet coats) and discarding the less practical (feathery coats- err rain?) and compiling my own sensible summarised version to suit us normal folk. Give me an Amen!

Therefore, let my ‘A La Mode’ low-down commence so you know what's going to be everywhere.

Colour Pops

I have to say that the rich and dark hues that usually take to the shops to subdue the mood this time of year are surprisingly absent and instead replaced with more of the summery colours being stretched out a little further.

Yes the deeper burgundies, purples, oranges and evergreens lead the way but they aren’t as heavy as usual, which is great for us paler skinned varieties. You’ll be pleased to know that red will be firing up the aisles in all its scarlet loveliness from dark to bright, so Santa will fit right in and you can choose a tone that's best for you. Most people can wear red it's just a case of finding the right one. Click here to find out more about my Colour Confidence Service.

Pink is still lingering in the form of a bright bubble-gum, great for warm and/or deeper skins through to a paler ashier version for all you cool and soft skin tones.

Pantone Autumn/Winter 17/18

Pinterest Image taken from

The usual metallic will be added to the seasonal glitter, this time in the form of Silver and Pewter but if you don't fancy it then jump on the eclectic trend and throw in some gold.

I know you’re thinking “what a gaudy sounding mixture”, but it’s important to note that the beloved steadfast neutrals will still be around to soak up and calm these livelier cousins by way of a print or careful pairing, leaving you feeling a little more contained. There are also plenty of blues, camels and chocolate browns to add into the pot too, so fill your boots.

Touchy Feely

There’s always something a little bit extra going on with garments building up to the parties to help you feel amazeballs and this season certainly delivers. All things stroke able, satin and sheer are made more tactile with embroidery and embellishment to add glam, so look out for decorative knits on the rails along with crystal encrusted satins and velvets alike. It really is all about touchable loveliness and textures, in a ‘craft work’ kind of way.

Fashion Themes

No we’re not talking “Comicon” or tarts and vicars, I’m merely referencing the looks, inspirations and styling usually taken from the fashion houses chosen eras, icons and genres to get you in the mind-set of the stores.

First off, this season, think retro ‘Americana’ so dust off your gingham, detangle your fringes, dust your chaps and get line dancing. Well not quite, it’s more ‘Broke back mountain’ really, but you get the idea. There’s a lot to choose from to keep cosy in actually, from vintage type knits, corduroy and shearling touches to varsity jackets and cowboy style boots, all of which can be picked through and added with subtlety.

Americana Fashion Trend

On a more local note, there’s also British Heritage again, this time with a stately home kind of vibe with rich florals and a hint of chinoise (oriental&silky) creating soft shapes, through to tweed and dogtooth checks adding neat tailored lines. If you’re not sure what I mean, rock up to your nearest National Trust house and absorb the mixed décor.

If you're neither a floral or a check kind of girl then there's still plenty of 70's retro style monochromes and 80's abstract graphics about to wet your whistle and can be seen in all manner of garments and accessories.

Lengths are longer in everything from hems to boots and from sleeves to coats, so covering up and playing with soft layers will be key.

Autumn Winter Outfit 2017

Image ref; Pinterest; Fashioncongnoscente

Finishing Touches

If, like me, you like to keep things simple and just look for key elements of trends to update firm favourites or buy small trinkets you can add to your outfit, then look no further than bows, feathers and crystals. Jewellery, bags, hair accessories and shoes can all be refreshed with these textures or shapes in mind along with the big colours, fabrics and themed styles.

So with shoes, there’s a whole lot going on from keeping it kitten (heels) through to block heeled courts and on to boots, so there’s loads of sensible to choose from with room to ‘bling it up’ come party season.

Jewellery becomes both eclectic and layered with a mix and match feeling, so if you love talismans or pendants why not pair with fine crystal chokers. beads or pearls. Alternatively, just layer what you love, anything goes for bracelets, earrings and rings too.

Vogue jewellery trends

Image ref; Pinterest Vogue

Bags seem to have taken on a bucket shape or have those top handles on them which provide an interesting alternative to the usual tote and well, if it’s good enough for Queen Liz its good enough for me. Though if you like hands free always look inside to see if they have the generously donated shoulder strap, it’s a blessing.

Now I know hats aren’t for everyone but I have to say that the beret is a beaut addition to your attire this season and covers up a myriad of hair traumas from in “a rush” to “can’t be bothered to brush” and you’ll still look the bees knees trust me. If you wanted to ramp up the stylista points you could even add a little brooch to add oomph. Failing that if you hate hats and need a quick bit of hair love then go for hair stylists go to this year, the plait or braid, of any variety, and you’re in.

My 5 Key Pieces

Last but not least, I like to pick out a few useful items from all the confusion, that I think would add va-va-voom to your wardrobe and look for the months ahead. You don’t need all of them and they are by no means the law, but instead, a gentle prod to get you going in the right purchasing direction, should you need to replace anything that’s on its last legs from last season.

1. Knitted Jumper

Warehouse Embellished Jumper

Warehouse Embellished Jumper

2. Slouch Boots

Marks & Spencer Ruched Boots

Marks & Spencer Ruched Leather Boots

3. The Neat Coat

Zara red coat

Zara Red Coat

4. Embroidered Dress

Anthropologie embroidered dress


5. Checked Trouser/Skirt

Dorothy Perkins Grey Check Trousers

Dorothy Perkins

So there you have it, a lot to ponder for now I know, so I’ll leave those nuggets of inspiration to permeate in your minds and I will be back with my party picks a little later on in the season.

But for now, I bid you adieu. For further visual goodies check out my Pinterest-ing stuff here.

Sara x

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