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Summer Make Up For Maturing Skins

Summer Make Up Tips For Maturing Skins

If you’re reading this then you’re not only feeling summery but your one step closer towards looking summery too!

The Image Tree has been bringing you up to speed with starting your Summer wardrobe through the Live Lunches and Henpicked articles, so Makeup by Sophie Downing is here for your Summer Face. Plus, I’m going to be looking at it with a more focused eye here… ‘Summer Makeup for the Maturer Skin’.

As we get older we tend to either stick to what we know and used to, with our makeup look/bags, or start to go heavier because we feel we need to provide a little more coverage to those developing or established ‘laughter lines’etc.

My biggest tip… Avoid ‘High Coverage’

Let’s Start With The Skin

We want it to look flawless and effortless in the summer. The heat will not only cause your makeup to slide but also you will feel uncomfortable in it.

Remember, your pores open in the heat, so too much product on the skin can cause pores to clog up which results in breakouts and blackheads.

So I strongly recommend you pay more attention to your skincare routine, using cleanser, toner and moisturiser every morning and night, and then adding a treatment serum overnight to replenish the skin whist you sleep.

Once your skin is naturally treated, your skin cycle should become smooth and clear saving you splashing out on foundations and applying thick coverage to hide everything.

Your Make-Up Base

I now want to teach you how to leave you with flawless looking Summer skin…

After your daily moisturiser, begin your base with a colour correcting primer (Stila One Step Correct is great), this evens out all unwanted colour toning to neutralise your base.

With maturing skin, the best finish is a beautiful radiant glow, especially in the summer and this step will work wonders.

So next grab a lightweight foundation such as MAC Face & Body which is great for light coverage and can be built up if needed. I also like to mix my favourite product, MAC Strobe Cream, in with the foundation and then buff onto the skin.

Then conceal your under eyes with an illuminating concealer (YSL Touché Éclat is a must) and any blemishes with a matte concealer (MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer) with a fine brush then blend with fingers.

Notice how I do concealing AFTER foundation

Finally, finish your skin with a sweep of loose powder to set any oily areas you may have.

Adding blusher and bronzer is your own choice, but I wouldn’t advise on missing these out as this pop of colour will just help perk up the skin finish. Corals are in for Summer and I love cream blushes during this season, so if you want more glow to the skin, switch up your texture!

Mature Summer Skin

Image created by Pressfoto -

Here Come the Eyes

This can be an area many of you find tricky. Usually because either you’re applying it too heavy or you just don’t know what suits you or how to apply it.

Of course everyone’s different when it comes to colour choices for complementing our features, but a great overall look, perfect for summer, could be just the ticket so check out the following…

Start off with an eye primer (Urban decay – Anti-ageing Primer Potion) this primer is targeted for maturing skin with the help of the ingredients, which treat the eye area and at the same time hold onto any eye makeup, making it good for 24hours. This product can also be used lightly under the eyes before any concealing.

When it comes to eye products stick to using shadows as any cream products on the eye can cause creasing. There’s a huge myth about avoiding shimmer on the more seasoned eye, but please don’t listen to this! Its GLITTER you need to avoid, soft pearlised shimmers are perfect and also give out that bright-eyed summer look.

Apply a rose gold shimmer (a summer trend) across the eyelid and the inner corner. This will make eyes appear awake and bright and will enhance all eye shapes.

Rose Gold Make Up

How about some eye-liner?

Try either a brown or mauve colour (depending on your eye colours) and applied as close to the lash line as you can, but don’t worry about it not being straight and why I want to encourage you to use pencil! We want it looking soft and smudged to give that natural sultry effect.

After lining the eyes grab a Cotton Bud/Q-Tip, and lightly go back and forth over the line, to soften and flick out towards the outer corners. This will give a lifted illusion to the eyes provided you make sure the flick is elevated out and avoid the flick pointing down, as this can cause the eyes to look droopy.

My favourite tip for enhancing a softer, looser lid is to use Eyelash Curlers before your mascara. This is because as you get older your lashes tend to lose curl structure, so by giving your lashes that natural curl you will really lift and widen the appearance of your eyes.

Don’t forget the bottom lashes either as you will see a huge difference.

Go for brown mascaras if black is too intense (Depending on your personal colouring)

Last but not least the Lips.

Lip liner is a must-have for ageing skin, because you not only want to define your lip shape but also avoid colour bleeding from the lip products you apply.

Go for a lip liner that is a shade darker than your natural lip, however, if you don’t like colour then try a universal/clear lip liner instead (Dior are my favourite).

For some Summer inspiration, put your lipsticks aside ladies because it’s all about the shine! Lip glosses add dimension to the lip shape but if you don’t like sticky glosses then ‘Chanel Rouge Coco Shine’ are a perfect glossy looking range in a lipstick form.


*The Body Shop – Vitamin C Face Mist!

This should not leave your side, handbag, or hand pretty much! No matter where you are. This is a refreshing face mist with 100% natural ingredients including the strongest form of Vitamin C - the Camu Berry.

The Amazonian Camu Berry has 60 times the Vitamin C power than an orange and is proven to brighten and prevent dull skin, which happens as you age and so your skin loses radiance. It also contains organic Aloe Vera which helps soothe any sensitivity that may arise.

Add this zesty mist before or after applying makeup and/or throughout the day to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It can also be sprayed onto a cotton bud/Q-tip to refresh any intricate makeup such as your liner or brows if needs be.

Vitamin C Face Mist

I hope I have inspired you to switch up your Summer Makeup look and venture out into trying new products. It’s amazing what a difference a ‘new look’ can make YOU feel.

I am so excited to be both a recommended business and part of ‘The Image Tree’ Professional Family, for Make-Up.

I thrive on satisfying all my clients with my makeup lessons and to help you achieve the most confidence by enhancing your natural features when teaching you on a 1-1 basis.

There aren’t enough words or time to explain all of the different colour tones and variety of facial features to each person on a blog, as Sara may have told you! So a 1-1 lesson would be more beneficial so you can nurture each area thoroughly whilst you learn to physically apply each step….knowing the basics will set you up for life.

Sophie Downing MUA Temple Package

*All Body Shop products can also be purchased through Sophie at a special discounted price and you are all entitled to FREE Skincare Consultations.

‘To be beautiful is your right, to make you beautiful is our duty’

Love Sophie


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