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Woohoo, I'm Award Winning!

Image Tree Awards #WOW #BrightPigWinner

Well what can I say, but Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Here at the Image Tree it's usually all about YOU lovelies and guiding you through the Style Minefield of life, building up Self Esteem and growing Confidence as we go, However, this time I thought I'd share some great news with you all.

Firstly, The Image Tree, was recognised for it's great services within the arena of Women in Business and was selected by Jacqueline Gold CBE as a #WOW Winner. If you're thinking she looks familiar then you'd be correct, she's only THE Ann Summers CEO (whoop) and an entrepreneur whom I've always admired, I've been to a few of her Women in Business Seminars don't you know. So you can imagine how stoked I was to see her tweeting about little ole me.

#WOW Winner

Then the following week we were picked out by, a Marketing & Media Guru over on Twitter, as being a stand out Business and Social Media savvy to boot, so I'm also a BrightPig Winner too, double whoop.

NEWSFLASH.. since writing the original post back in August I've done it again, yes really! I've been recognised and since titled a Queen! #QueenOfGrowingConfidence and now a member of the Small Business Group The Royal Connection.

Plus picked out as a Women's Business of the Week over on Twitter #TwitterSisters....yay!


Totally awesome news and great for me too as a business, as it means The Image Tree will get more of an audience and can reach more Women and continue to share the Style Love and 'Big Up' the Body Positivity. A great hitch up the ladder for us little guys

I would really like to thank all you lovelies out there who follow the Biz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and spread the word from time to time with likes, follows, shares, tweets, testimonials and pins. It's you guys that are helping us get our voices heard, even by just reading this blog and maybe giving a cheeky share or leaving a comment. We're all in it together.

Sara X

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