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Pretty Pins With Summer's Trends

Pretty Pins with Summer's Trends, The Image Tree Blog
It;s time to free those knees with Style Love

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

UPDATED 17/4/2022

Well girls, the time is nigh.....drumroll...... it's leg unveiling season.

No matter if you own a generous calf or lengthy lithe leg, knowing what to wear and more importantly, what shoe to work with certain garments can be a mind field for the un-knowing. There's no need to totally keep your pins hidden away though....let them see daylight, there are always shoes and hem lengths to boost your confidence and allow you to pack away your opaques and starchy jeans (for a bit anyway).

So, with this in mind, I thought I'd steer you through the racks of footie lovelies and hanger delights currently awaiting your peepers this season and also make some suggestions of what to wear them with. I know, I know, I'm so nice...

Lets start with the ole limbs themselves.....what are you rocking?

Shapely legs, calves and ankles?

Wide straight trousers can give you confidence in the leg department and work well if they fall either just below the ankle or on the narrowest part of your calf and the good news is that there are lots of colour and floral patterned lovelies to be had.

The cullottes or midi lengths can add inches to that area and eat into your leg length if they don't sit right, however, if you don't really care or you find some that end perfectly for you then try a shoe in a lighter softer hue to show off those ankles.

This season's stocky sandal can give comfort and style even to a more form fitting ensemble. If you are of a larger frame and have lovely strong legs, the sturdy shoe can be a harmonious ally in your Spring/Summer wardrobe, so look for wedges or a heel with some substance and it doesn't even have to be high.

The maxi and midi dress is always a popular 'do' in warmer months and this season is no different. I believe they can look great with all manner of shoe from a feminine strappy to a white pump. Heck you can even choose a slight platform or 'flatform' so you can have a little hidden height. Throw on a blazer, biker or denim jacket when it gets nippy too.

Continuing on the shoe front..... if you're a lover of a 'strappy' sandal then bear in mind that your ankles would much prefer to be lovingly nurtured than strangled.

Any 'strappage' around a sturdy ankle can appear to cut your leg length further, so if you are a little ankle sensitive, look for a lower, more angled strap or a wider one if you want to minimise the effect. Plus, a helpful higher hem length will flatter further. An added bonus is to try a nude or neutral metallic strappy, that way your ankles will look less interfered with. Viva la legs!

Cut Out Flatform Sandals
A sandal with a lower sitting ankle strap

Flat delicate looking ballet pumps are very practical but don't always appeal to those wanting something a little different, especially if you're already a little shorter in the leg, so try a loafer this season...there are even backless versions to try.

If you really want to get your pins out then don't be shy of the short. Anyone can wear them it's just a matter of meeting your comfort level and getting the fit and fabric right for you.

  • If you are conscious about your thighs then go for roomier leg holes so your legs look easy breezy and smaller in size. Flippy varieties are comfy too.

  • Higher and classic waists will give you tummy comfort

  • Ensure fabrics are natural to prevent sweating. So linen, chambray, cotton mixes.

  • Shorts don't have to be short. Choose a length that's right for you. Just avoid anything that sits across the widest parts of your thighs, knees and calves.

Uber Straight calves and delicate ankles?

Create movement and shape around your lower legs and don't be afraid to try a strappy sandal or shoe if your proportions allow for it. Long legs and calves can take the ankle break in silhouette but keep scales narrow and thin, so that's straps and heels too. A giant strap or a chunky heel on a slim leg can look clunky and heavy and will drown your neat silhouette and proportions.

On the flipside, an ultra slim lower leg should also be aware of the wide cullotte because it can make your legs look lost amongst the fabric but you could balance out with a subtle wedge or a flat.

Leggy Love

If you're happy to go bare legged when the sun comes out, that's great and you can add to your leggy love by buffing and moisturising and maybe even safely tanning .

You could also try a tan building moisturiser or a good subtle spray tan to avoid that awful 'corned beef' or 'stilton' look if you're very fair like me. Either way give them some moisture love, they work really hard and carry you everywhere.

If you want a quick instant 'leg beauty hack' try rubbing a touch of your favourite body oil or indeed natural oil (olive/almond/crisp n dry (only joking here) down your shin bone to add a bit of sneaky length. Trust me it works a treat and they look rather healthy.

Another useful tip with the old oil, maybe even vaseline, is to pop a bit between your thighs so that they don't kiss each other so much when you're wearing skirts and dresses. There's nothing worse than 'rub' on a hot day and I should know.

I've heard on the grapevine that you can buy fabulous comfy little bands called "Bandalettes" that look like lacy stocking tops that you slip on to avoid any thigh chafing or discomfort and you can get them on Amazon and Ebay.

However, If you're not feeling the naked leg love then try a light neutral summer tight on your pins in a more breathable or lighter fabric. You can even get them without toes for your sandals.

The only styles to avoid, in my view, are the high gloss types unless you want your legs to look like a pair of sizzling sausages. The high intensity of the reflective effect all over the leg can add inches and doesn't really slimline or flatter, so matte and natural is usually a better choice.

Well, there you have it, a quick looksy at a few trends and out inspo to getting the most out of your gorgeous limbs when you're ready...or not.

Enjoy the Sun....when it appears again and love your legs.

Bye for now and don't forget to check me out over on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

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Sara x

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