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Minimise Your Midriff; Styling Secrets

How To Get Clothing Savvy

Let's be honest here...some of us are blessed with flat waspish midriffs whilst others are hovering more around the `Pillsbury Dough Boy’ or have no inkling of a waist at all. Whichever you’re sporting it’s usually down to a mix of our bone structure/genes and life events, such as childbirth or surgery, not to mention the effects of lifestyle and the ageing process. Totes unfair!!

However, I do think it's important to embrace who we are, what we have and all our little foibles that go with it and there are ways to streamline certain areas. If the right clothing can help us feel better, then why the heck not... flippin"Make it so" as Jean Luc Picard would say.

We’re all different and our proportions are unique to us, so I’ve kept the guidelines simple, although a full body analysis to balance out everything is always a good option...performed by yours truly, of course mwah mwah.

So what do you need to ‘TO LOOK FOR’ in garments and what do you need `TO AVOID’? Knowing a bit more will help you make the right choices and look and feel the million dollars you deserve to.


If you want to reduce or camouflage your tum a bit :-

  • ‘Bloused out’ tops (teased out from a trouser/skirt waistband) can work if your tum is just a little round but for those with a little more 'fleshy love' go for a more semi fitted/ narrow tunic style top that settle lower on your hips. Keep your bottom half slim fitting if you can.

  • Curved hem shirts and tops are a god send, honestly and draw the eye away and downwards.

Patterns and Curved Hems are great for giving you a focal point to your torso and lengthen your midriff.
Lines and Colour Blocks can help move the focus and camouflage

  • Ruched tops and wrap dresses in a quality fabric that lie flat over the tummy

  • Good control underwear. Some dresses come with inner lycra control slips too.

  • Empire line dresses/tops in which the waistband sits higher up the torso (under the bust) are good if you have a medium to large bosom.

  • So too are babydoll styles or trapeze dresses in good quality fabrics.

  • Single breasted jackets buttoned from the waist. The structure will camouflage the tum.

  • A higher rise in bottoms will hold you in, proportions allowing, and reduce the risk of a muffin top. Same principle goes for hosiery, if they're too short in the body they'll create that bothersome layer of flesh.

Higher rise and waist. Flat Fronted

  • Flat fronted trousers/skirts with back or side zips and small or no waistbands.

  • Longer layering (cardigans/boyfriend jackets) worn over darker coloured tops (plain or patterned) creates a vertical emphasis and distracts the eye away from the area giving a more streamlined silhouette.

  • Highlight and create focal points in areas of your body that you do like, for example scarves and statement jewellery near the face.

  • Garments with embellishment to necklines

  • Oversized bags


  • Front pleats and gathered waist details or those that have elastic running through the hem.

  • Baggy shapeless tops may cover your tum but adds volume and width elsewhere. Showing a little shape is always more streamlined and draws the eye away from the tum. Wear the right size for a better fit and don't worry about the number on the label.

  • Tied tops where the knot rests on your tum, place it to the side of your waist.

  • Skin tight tops and clingy fabrics

  • Short tops that sit on the area.

  • Hipster jeans and low rises, you muffin top will hang over.

  • Try to steer clear of belts if possible, however, on a dress or longer top which comes with one can be worn looser and tied slightly to the side. It does depend on your proportions though.

  • Synthetic fibres dont behave themselves after frequent washing and can lose their shape, therefore, look for firmer more structured fabrics with a little lycra.

See.. nothing too taxing really and these little tweaks really can make a difference! Clothes should be treated as our best friends and secret weapons, choosing the right colours, shapes and styles make all the difference no matter the size.

Lots of styling love

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Sara x


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