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What to Wear at Royal Ascot!

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So you’re going to Ladies day at Royal Ascot are you, la de da! Well I hope you’re going the whole hog...hats, dress, heels and champers but do you know what you should wear? Here's a little mini blog that may help.

The five-days (16th to 20th June) attracts premium trainers and horses from far flung places and totals about 18 races and is said to provide a pot exceeding £5.3 million in prize money so you can see why it’s essential to dress the part, especially if you’re trying to bag a billionaire.

It's s a respectful shindig oozing with history, apparently it began in 1711 for Queen Anne’s pleasure and has been attended by our Monarchy ever since. It’s the tradition for Royal Ascot to begin with Her Majesty the Queen along with her family and ‘tag alongs’ to parade in front of the masses in a horse drawn carriage waving a gloved hand.

It’s definitely one of the more favourable events on her calendar, I bet, due to her love of all things horsey and of course having a flutter. I’m sure that’s why we ladies love to go too….erm well more like a great excuse to dress up, wear a hat and mingle with higher society.

Well then let’s give you some pointers and guide you in the right direction with the 'ole outfit' and dress code and give you a few ideas at the same time because I’m lovely like that.

There are different areas within Royal Ascot and they have slightly different dress codes, so check where you’re going to be.

Grandstand Admission Area


  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times

  • You’re not allowed to wear strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops.

  • Trousers are fine but must be full length, no cropped linens and crocs please.

  • Don’t get your middle out, no one wants to see your belly ring today.

  • No shorts

  • Think like your attending a formal occasion like a wedding or receiving an OBE

Royal Ascot Outfit | The Image Tree
Soft and Neutral


  • In addition to the above there is also a ban on fancy dress, novelty and branded / promotional clothing at Royal Ascot.

  • (Taken from Ascot Guidelines) Whilst we encourage race-goers to wear smart clothes, no formal dress code applies in the Silver Ring except that replica sports shirts are not permitted.

Royal Ascot Outfit | The Image Tree
Bold and Bright

So now to those who have been invited or lucky enough to get into the Royal Enclosure. These guidelines are a tad stricter.

Royal Enclosure


Formal daywear is a requirement and they define this as the following:

  • Hem lengths must be a modest length either just above the knee or longer.

  • Straps on dresses and tops must be at least 1inch wide or greater and strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and spaghetti straps are not permitted.

  • Jackets and pashminas are fine but what you wear underneath must stick to the guidelines above, makes sense really. You can’t get away with being bikini clad just because you have a jacket.

  • No midriffs on show

  • Trouser suits are fine too but the trouser must be full length and both match, that’s colour and material.

  • Hats should be worn.

  • Headpieces have stricter regulations to be allowed, the base should be at least 4” inches (10cm) or more in diameter, so that rules out fascinators and hair ornaments.

Royal Ascot Outfit | The Image Tree
Floral Lovely

So there we have it, get your glad rags on and enjoy the day! I shall cross everything to attract the sunshine!

Sara x

Check out the official site for further updates on attire. What to Wear at Royal Ascot

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