• Sara Marsden-Shreeve

My Sensible Styling: New Season Trends

What!. ‘Glam Geek’ and ‘Metallic Disco’? Let’s be honest some of the Autumn/Winter trends sound a little well out there, and some look it on the catwalk, not really wearable for us normal folk. I don’t fancy looking like I’ve been attacked by granny knit whilst tottering around in thigh boots that cut off my circulation… (Yes it’s out there) but who says you can’t tweak them sensibly so we can still feel well ‘with it’.

There’s lots of trends but I’m just going to select the main ‘workable’ trends and provide sensible suggestions and some high street finds to nail it. Age shouldn’t matter, less fogey more fashionista.

Key Pieces


Right then we can really get out teeth into this look. The cape coat is still around but I think a gorgeous knitted wrap does the job better! They look great with fitted jeans/jeggings and even dresses. Great for comfort too, nice and cosy. Covers a multiple of concerns too and you can even add a vintage brooch for added chic, yes nannas bling is back. A neutral shade would work hard with the rest of your wardrobe but why not climb one more rung up the fashion ladder and make it plaid/checked – uber trend ticks.


Pinterest Image ref: lolobu.com

Easily accessible on the high street and a great alternative for when you’re not quite ready to get out your Winter Coat.

Wrap skirts

A great alternative for a night out or office separate (a faux wrap might be better here to avoid the odd leg flash). Love a pencil skirt, then try this one. You can pair it with heels or boots and go for pattern or plain, very versatile.


Image ref: Trend Council on Pinterest

After browsing the high street and online I’ve found some lovely staple pieces in Whistles and Mango whereas Warehouse stock some more vibrant prints. I suggest pairing with cleaner simpler lines on the top half to keep it chic.

Some more workable trends;

Long Waistcoats

Another outerwear good buy. Wear with polo necks for a laid back look or wear with a fitted skirt or trouser to look more corporate- office wearable yes!


I know I know, most of you weren’t sure last season, but if you pair with longer boots we start to think maybe yes. Especially with a fitted jacket/top/shirt or polo.


Gothic lace

Ok so sounds a bit too Vampira? , but if you just inject a bit of dark lace here and there, maybe a blouse or even a shoe, you’re still on it and makes a great evening look. Black lace and chiffon will be everywhere ! Go steady with it head to toe unless you feel confident, say in Valentino.

Karen Millen does subtle well.

Metallic Disco

This is an 80’s style take on Disco. No tiny bum cheek shorts, tinfoil jackets or roller boots here, we’re talking a bit more ‘sweetie-wrapper’ ruffles and lame but I’m thinking tailored metallic for us with say a bit of glitter?.

Label Lab : Julien Macdonald

Use the look and fabric in bags or look for hints in a skirt, dress or jacket. Minimal is chic.

You could push the brights in your jewellery or ooh shoes, instant impact with a little black dress .

Metallic hues are very versatile and act like a neutral so will go with most colours. If you’re quite warm in colour go for golds and coppers and cooler palettes silvers and pewters.

Glam Geek

Block heels are seen here backstage at Prada, great for curvier calves and lovers of a sturdier heel!

From pussy bows to tweed and loafers to block heels it’s like your nans wardrobe but with a masculine tweak and a bit more colour, definitely workable. Flats, block heels, separates and tweed is where it’s at. High necks too are a must but beware if you’re big busted!

Pick out an element you like and work with it…

River island - Loafers

Ooh and twist your pearls ladies, sounds painful but I’m talking tying a knot in your necklace or doubling them up as bracelets. Simple but effective.