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Pimp Up Your Peepers!

Pimp Up Your Peepers | The Image Tree Blog
Blue Eye shadow on a Brown Eyed Girl

Ok, so here's the thing... We're all stuck inside and probably got a little more time on our hands to sit about, enjoy the slow pace of the holidays and maybe dust off our make up boxes and sort through our lotions and potions. You know now that we've been bought loads more for Christmas...!

Now, before you start with the "but I'm not going anywhere to doll myself up Sara"! I just want to say that I realise this but want to remind you that now is the perfect time to prep for anything you wish to tweak, change or learn. So why not practice your rusty make-up skills and get your new pop of colour ready for your big reveal? No more hiding away in jogging bottoms and wearing scrunchies, the light of day is coming.

Right then, so let's do this because I'm here to offer some super quick advice on using a little colour power to make your eyes look fresher and brighter! So dig out your eyeshadow palettes that have sat unused and unloved and go find a mirror, it's time to play dress up ladies and have a little fun experimenting with those tints and shades, glitters, creams or mattes.

It's a shame really that many of us don't bother with eyeshadow or stick to the same one for years, afraid to try something new? I know I have.

Being a trained Image Consultant, colour analysis is but one of my strings to the bow of transformation, but make-up application is not, so I would always suggest seeking help from a pro ( I use my colleague and collaborator Sophie Downing) to do it properly in order to suit your unique features. Or of course you can google it or get yourself on YouTube for the time being to get a vague idea on how to create an eyelid masterpiece.

It's the colour power that's my bag and the reason for this blog post... Pimp Up Your Peepers girlfriend!

Okay, so have a good look at your eyes and pick out the dominant colour, then check out the tips underneath. If you wear eye-shadow similar to your eye colour then your eyes will not stand out but merely harmonise, which is great if you want to play it safe but no so if you want them to look striking.



Lucky lucky you! Brown eyed girls are pretty much open to any colour, but if you try colours with orange undertones your eyes will look much warmer. Any shade of green or blue will brighten and lighten.

TRY: Turquoise, emerald greens,teals, khaki or burnt oranges.

DRAMATIC: Try a matte navy blue on your lids.

Pimp Up Your Peepers, brown eyes, eyeshadow, The Image Tree
Burnt orange who'd have thought it?


If you want to make your blue eyes more piercing use contrasting golden hues, this also works with GREY EYES, trust me. Anything with a metallic or high sheen finish will look fab!

TRY: Bronze, gold, copper, apricot or pinky oranges (coral)

DRAMATIC: Sweep a warm berry tone onto your lids.

As a steely grey eyed girl, I would also like to add here that golds also look amazeballs as it brings out my blue flecks. Fun fact: grey eyes only make up 3% of the population... I'm special! hahaha...

Pimp Up Your Peepers, Blue eyes, The Image Tree Blog
You Can't Beat a Sweep of Gold


You have a very changeable eye colour in that they can look different dependent on light and your clothes, so harness that power by trying eye shadows with red pigment.

TRY: Burgundy, red and purple.

DRAMATIC: Vampy violet with a shimmer.

Hazel eyes, Pimp Up Your Peepers. The Image Tree Blog
You don't have to go this full on but you get the idea.


To make your peepers pop, go for contrasting tones again and use colours with red undertones, this includes purples, pinks and oranges

TRY: Brick reds, warm orange, plums and violets.

DRAMATIC: Hot pinks such as fuschia.

Green Eyes, Pimp up Your Peepers, The Image Tree Blog
A subtle sweep of warm tones such as bronze


  • You can always try your new eye shadow as a liner to get used to it first before taking the plunge. Just wet a brush and sweep it along your lash line, jiggle a bit for staying power.

  • Get yourself a pearly white eye liner or branded brightening pencil for your lower inner lash line and optically enhance your eyes into looking whiter and bigger. Place a bit in the inner corners too to make you look as fresh as a daisy.

  • If you want to try a flick to the outer corner of your eye, try using a playing card as a guide. Place it diagonally at the edge of the eye line and use an eyeliner to trace the line towards your brow. Practice makes perfect!

  • If you have under eye puffiness or some darkness get yourself an orange-peach based corrector and apply first before your highlighter. This will banish any stubborn blue pigmentation.

  • If you wear glasses, ensure that your eye shadow colour doesn't compete with your frames. If you want to keep it simple choose a lighter base in a similar colour and go a few shades darker for the crease of your eye.

  • Invest in an eyebrow shaping treatment at your local salon, it's worth framing your lovely bright eyes,

It really is fun to experiment with colour and there's nothing quite like that feeling of trying new things... Remember when you were a kid and used to nick your mum's lippy and smear it all over your face? No! That was just me then!

If you would love to embrace your natural palette then book your Colour Confidence Session with me now and give your wardrobe the same love too.

For more eye lovely inspirations check out My Pinterest Board:


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Sara xx

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