There are times in our lives when  we all need a little confidence boost because we don't feel happy in our own skin because we've been distracted by life events, experienced health changes or simply forgotten how to reconnect with ourselves, let alone the challenges we have with our clothes and wardrobes as a result.  Our bodies change and so do our beliefs about how we look and feel, it's totally normal and  commonplace amongst women today.

Whatever the reason may be,  it's time to realign and put things back onto a more positive path by learning how to embrace the whole of you, inside and out, by nurturing your mind set, accepting your body and  wearing clothes that feel right for you, suit your lifestyle and  work with your natural body, without wasting any more time, money and worry.  It's time to ROCK WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY GOT! 


An easy way to implement your `Self Image'  is to start thinking about who you are, your passions, what you like to wear, what you like about your body and how you want to express your personality or show up to the world around you.  THIS IS WHERE I CAN HELP !  I'm here to help you bridge that confusing gap between your MIND, BODY and WARDROBE.

The Cycle of Success

It's a fact that we feel better when we wear something that we love and feel good wearing.  Others notice  your happy confidence and give  out compliments which then confirms  those feelings of self- assuredness.  

Not only does this make us feel more confident about who we are, but it helps us to act on it and use it for showing up in an authentic way that synchronises with your work, home and passions.   It can work in any given situation and creates your cycle of success.  

When there is a positive harmony between how we feel about ourselves and how we look, just as we are, then we bloom with a sense of  freedom in our self-acceptance and confidence.   We can just get on with living our lives with less focus on our looks alone.

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We all spend some degree of thought, time, energy and money on our appearance, and sometimes we waste  all of these valuable resources guessing or  trying to get it to look a certain way or feel happier inside about it all!  


Whatever the case may be,  you can and deserve to look good and feel confident in yourself and in your clothes, everyday.  Your personality is key and I take it very seriously! It's not about changing you, it's about emphasising you, inside and out.

The main services below are my basic `ROOTS'  to working naturally with  your physical self and feeling better about what you have,  but there are other services available to suit your needs, along with packages (Style Journeys)  and a virtual option  which provide a more tailored  or convenient experience.


Colour Confidence will form the roots to wearing colours that flatter your personality, your skin, hair and eyes, as well as learning how to mix and use them effectively in your outfits.  In addition, using colour psychology in your work, social and private life is a powerful tool to acquire


Body Confidence will form the roots to dressing your body, assets and features to their full potential from head to toe. as well as learning how to see your body in a more positive manner.  Developing a healthier body image and mind set is essential to appreciating who we are and what we have to offer on a more holistic  level. You are greater than the sum of your parts.


From these roots grow a more confident 'YOU' and once you understand how to use these new skills you can move onto improving or finding your STYLE,  organising your WARDROBE and even THINKING more effectively....I will show you HOW!  Plus, if you want help with all of this and more, you might want to get an in-depth  learning experience with MY COACHED PACKAGES.

I Can Teach You How To Bridge Those Confusing Gaps Between Your Mind, Your Body & Your Wardrobe!

Your wardrobe will speak volumes about where you're going wrong!  Go and have a look!

It may well be full of clothes you've hardly worn, bought on a whim or in a panic.  There maybe fashion disasters or outfits you've worn and then seen 'the dreaded photo' afterwards.  Maybe some garments don't fit properly or feel right, or simply don't go with anything else.

If this is your wardrobe then its no surprise that you `don't feel confident' in your clothes!  Not only this but your shopping trips and current habits and beliefs are clearly not serving you well, most of the time anyway. You owe it to yourself to wear things that make you happy.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could fill your wardrobe full of clothes that fit you and work with you?